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Ruined destiny of a young man

18-year old Mikhail Skhvitaridze weighs only 35 kilograms!
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18-year old Mikhail Skhvitaridze weighs only 35 kilograms! He can hardly move; he lives thanks to painkillers; one of his kidneys does not function; it is hard for him to swallow, and frequent fits of suffocation make his life unbearable. 

Everything started 12 years ago. He seemed to be gay and healthy, but then they found a tumor on his spinal cord. But the doctors in the Samtredia City where the boy's family lived were not alarmed with the situation and advised his mother to treat the tumor with a special ointment. But the tumor grew and in some time turned into a hunchback. Mikhail's father died when he was only one year old, so only his mother took care of him. She had to sell their house to bring Mikhail to the hospital in Turkey. 

"Doctors in Turkey managed to help my son regain his feet, as by that time he already could not walk. He was actually dying and i thank God that my son survived, that he started moving and… smiling. I was crying of happiness as I got the slightest hope for his recovery…", - says Tsiuri Skhvitaridze, Mikhail's mother. 

Over his short life Mikhail has endured 9 serious surgeries! Probably these operations extended his life, but still his condition is grave and requires further treatment in Turkey which costs 25 000 $. And a mother without a job is unable to find such money. The family lives with the boy's pension and a tiny social allowance which hardly suffices for painkillers and bread… 

Looking at this biy is a heartbreaking experience. He understands his condition, his helplessness and suffers because of this understanding. Thanks God there are good people who taught him to draw. Mikhail draws and tries to bring away his sorrow and to unburden his mind…

“God, please, bless my son, soothe his sufferings, and give him a hope for recovery… My every morning starts with a pray for my son and his health. I do not lose hope that they will help my son as he needs everything: food, hygiene products and most importantly - medicines", - says Tsiuri Skhvitaridze, Mikhail's mother.

Dear friends, Misho is such a kind and responsive boy! (This is how his mother calls him). He can tell you a story, show you his pictures or just… smile! Let us save this smile; let us lend him a helping hand and paint his pale hospital days with bright colors of kindness! 

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The Good is merciful to those who show mercy towards the others, and to those who do good things in His name!

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