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3 girls - 3 ruined destinies

Standing near windows of the house where live the Kipshidze one can hear earsplitting cries grading into whine. Poverty and horrible despair rule here.
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In the village of Bolajuri of the Adigenskyi Region, standing near windows of the house where the Kipshidze live one can hear earsplitting cries grading into whine. Poverty and horrible despair rule here. Sure! 

A lonely mother who was abandoned by her husband 16 years ago is bringing up three daughters who are suffering of cerebral paralysis since birth. This is unbelievable tragedy which would touch the heart even of the cruelest person. 

Nana is the eldest daughter; she is 29. Her condition is merely gloomy: she does not see or hear, she cannot speak and move, she is always sitting with her head low in her wheelchair crying and only sometimes sleeping…

Nonna is 27. She can see but is is almost deaf; she can utter only separate guttural sounds; she is bedridden and often crying. 

The youngest of the daughters, Lela, is 16. She can hardly pronounce separate words, but she can actively move around the yard. The girl has frequent fits and becomes aggressive, and in the first place to herself. She is often rushing about and is restless. So she cannot be left unattended even for a while, otherwise she will harm herself.

 "I often wonder why God punished me in such a way; but meanwhile God gives me forces to sustain this hard lot and survive somehow… In June 2015 my social allowance was suspended, they told that I have plots of land, so financial assistance is not provided. Yes, I really have plots of land, like any other resident of this village, but how should I cultivate them?! I am in constant stress, taking care of my children and watching so that nothing irreparable happens", -  Says Maya Kipshidze. 

This family lives with a disability pension which hardly suffices for food. And the sick girls always need diapers, bedding, special nutrition, expensive medicines, not to mention massage or rehabilitation course. They even do not have their own dwelling. Their house fell apart long ago, so Maya and her children moved to a small abandoned building of a former veterinary lab. 

The situation happened in the Kipshidze family is very sad. A reasonable person would never pass by their grief without shrugging because of what he or she have seen. Dear friends, these people need our help, and the sooner we provide it, the quicker we will make their hard lot easier. 

Let God help you. 

You can transfer money to help the Kipshidze Family to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Kipshidze family) or pay directly from our web-site

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Remember that even if your kindness was not praised, it was not in vain. She is very valuable in God's eyes! 

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