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9-year old Anna needs your help!

To leave her daughter hungry or not to give her a medicine and watch her falling into a fit of convulsions – a horrible choice, isn't it?!
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How can we call a person who knows that his action or inaction can destroy another person's life, but anyway does so? Yes, these are bureaucrats! These are the people who consider all the rest as mere votes at the next elections; everything human is foreign to their concern!

Could we put it otherwise? When a child has a congenital disease and when taking medicines is vitally important, what shall the government do? – Yes, provide them with the necessary pills… And what happens in our country? A family can be deprived of social allowance because of some unclear trifles! 

And this allowance sufficed only for one medicine during a month!

So what shall the family do now? Shall it watch the child suffering of painful epileptic fits? And just try to calm her down?

When Tamila and Avtandil learned that they were going to have a long-waited baby they were so happy! A girl was born and until she was one the parents did not expect her to have health problems. But unfortunately little Anna had a number of diseases. The kid had a serious form of ICP and epilepsy.

The miserable family has no means for existence and there is no way to find them! The mother cannot return to work as there is no possibility to leave the girl even for a while! Recently the father lost his job and he still cannot find another one!

At the doctors' opinion, the condition of little Anna can dramatically improve provided that she receives a rehabilitation course and due treatment. But now it is out of question as Tamila cannot afford even vitally important medicine which costs 2.5 lari per day! She has to choose: to leave her daughter hungry or not to give her a medicine and watch her falling into a fit of convulsions – a horrible choice, isn't it?!

Tamila begs her pardon that she has to address unknown people for help, but there is no other way she could find support! She begs not for herself, but for her only daughter!

In order to alleviate her condition, Anna extremely needs expensive medicines, rehabilitation treatment and special nutrition!

Our Fund cannot leave this family and the little sick child one-on-one with their misfortune! Therefore we initiated a charitable fund raising action to help Anna! Every really kind and sympathetic person can donate money for them to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Anna Khaburdzania) or pay directly from web-site 

There is nothing nobler than unselfish help to a child who would never ask for help by himself and who would never be able to help you in return!