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29-year old Achiko Bairamov has been bedridden for already 4 years. He is lying in bed unconscious he shows no reaction to anything;
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 29-year old Achiko Bairamov has been bedridden for already 4 years. He is lying in bed unconscious he shows no reaction to anything; he is actually on the verge of dying. 6 September 2014 became a fateful day for him. He got into a car accident not far from his home, and it ruined the life of the young man in a blink of an eye. 

The doctors struggled to save him during 3 months. With God's help and thanks to the efforts of the doctors, Achiko survived, recovered from coma, opened his eyes, but never recovered consciousness. 4 years passed since then… 

Lately his condition got dramatically worse; epileptic fits became more frequent; it getting harder for him to breathe; he can eat only through special tubes inserted in trachea and stomach; legs are getting atrophied, and he absolutely does not perceive his surroundings. 

"When they told me of this accident for the first time I could not believe…I could not believe that my son would never regain his feet… He was totally healthy young man; he was sensitive and attentive; he built large plans; he was going to create a family, but in a moment everything got ruined…", - recalls Jamalia, mother of Achiko Bairamov.

The Bairamov live poorly. His mother cannot work as 24 hours per day she is taking care of her sick son; the father's health condition does not allow him to work either, and there are two more children in the family. 

Due to material need they cannot afford due treatment for the sick young man, nor can she afford massage procedures, expensive medicines and special food. Despite the extreme need, the Social Service Agency deprived this family of social allowance. The reason they named was the fact that the family uses a heater and that it can afford paying the bills, although their neighbors are helping them with the bills. Yes, if not for the good people, Achiko Bairamove would have already died! 

Dear friends, let us lend a helping hand to this young man! Do not remain idle, please show sympathy and kindness! Let us save one more life! We believe in you! If you have a willing to provide financial help to Achiko Bairamov, you can transfer the amount to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Achiko Bairamov) or pay directly from our web-site ……………………………………………………. 

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the ways of payment by following the link 

Open your hearts for kindness, be generous and do charitable things opening the door to heaven for yourself!