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Today his life is in our hands!

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October 15, 2018
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What can a young guy feel like whose diagnosis looks more like a sentence? God forbid anyone to experience this.
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Life which changed in seconds.

When we are together, we can even defeat death! More than 900 benefactors took to heart the story of a young guy, Luka Alibegashvili, to support whom our Fund announced a charity campaign a few months ago.

11,712 GEL were raised in a short time! Friends, may God grant you health, good luck and happiness! You helped a lot a young guy whose life hangs in the balance!

Luca suffers from leukemia, which revealed itself last October when bruises suddenly appeared on the body of a 23-year-old boy...

Luka is now in hospital in Turkey, where he underwent a bone marrow transplant 50 days ago. This is a very complicated surgery! May God grant that everything end well for Luka! He has many fans among you and he simply has no right not to get better!

We called Luka's sister, who asked us to send expensive medications, which she was unable to buy. We purchased the first batch of medications worth $2096, and we have already reported you about this. Now we have transferred $1340 for the purchase of medications, which Luka needs after the surgery. This is the second time that we have provided help to Luka, thanks to you, friends!

Luka’s sister sincerely thanks everyone who took part in saving her brother!

- Lana, what would you like to tell all those people who are worried about Luka?

Lana: Many of you know what difficult problems we had to go through, starting from October 2. It was hard both morally and financially. Together we managed to save my brother. The struggle for life always matters! When you have so many fans, it makes you feel that you just have no right to give up! Even death stands no chance when so many people support you! Happiness is in the little things, and we have already learned to see it in everything! I thank each of you, you have become the closest and dearest people to me! When we finally win, I will personally thank all of you! We will prove that leukemia is not a death sentence, and my dear brother, Luka Alibegashvili, will be an example of this!

We will continue to help Luka until his full recovery! 

Friends, if you want to help the young guy again, you can transfer money to the account of our Fund:




(purpose:  Luka Alibegashvili).

You can donate directly from our site

You can also transfer money from NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link

Don't miss the opportunity to do good deeds!

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