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Vladimir Bitbunov

"They are on the verge of death"
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Project completed!

Lonely old people are a huge grief of suffering old people: our potential mothers and fathers! For what they are so punished - only the Lord knows, but in the opinion of our founder, Leonid Chernovetsky, he gave them to us to check our conscience and save our souls !!! Yes, yes, - it is a soul, - because a good deed done to a suffering unfamiliar old man or child is a thousand times stronger than any prayer!
     It is terrible to think how many lonely old people there are in Georgia today. And many of them have children and grandchildren who have lost their conscience! Patients suffering from "helpless old children" live their lives alone, often in hunger and cold, crying about their life they have lived and that they are now left as street dogs looking at the hands of kind people waiting for alms.
Only registered with our program “Home care” consists of more than 500 lonely people who are bedridden, with various diseases and with a heavy feeling.
Therefore, we launched the project “Adopt a Parent” and every time we tell you about our beneficiaries!
67-year-old Vladimir Bitbunov is a deeply unhappy person, a disabled person of the first group. He has been bedridden for several years, suffering from many diseases: renal failure, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C ...
Vladimir worked as a shoemaker all his life, although we confessed that his unfulfilled childhood dream was the profession of a pilot. Dreams are in the past, and the harsh everyday life alternated one after another. After retirement, his health gradually began to deteriorate. Vladimir suffered tremendous stress when he could not buy out the apartment mortgaged to the bank and stayed with his family on the street.
Currently, a man with his family lives in a rented apartment. They often go hungry, pensions and social benefits are not enough for basic food, hygiene items, medicines. Now nothing pleases him, the only thing that saves him is faith in God and good people. He asks the Almighty so that if he is destined to live in such conditions, at least let other people not get sick and go hungry ...
The family has neither a refrigerator nor a washing machine, and the furniture is old and is about to fall apart.
Friends, you can help Vladimir Bitbunov! Show mercy, do a good deed, the Lord believes in you and your light-filled hearts!
To help these people is a godly cause, for they are on the verge of destruction! Friends, take care of them, prolong life, give hope, be family to them, because it does not require you to spend a lot of money and moral coercion! Give them your love! And if you have a desire to help with medicines, hygiene supplies and food products, you can transfer funds to the account of our foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000
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