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Because of hunger, she is constantly exhausted and sometimes can not even get up from her bed!
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Mzia Tsikhishvili - a woman with a sad fate. After a stroke, she is confined to a wheelchair and cannot talk. Her husband is caring for her, who is also seriously ill and has a disability of group II for a long time.
But once this woman lived life to the fullest, worked, could support herself and do many good deeds for complete strangers. She often specially prepared and handed over food to the homeless, bought clothes for street children, and always helped elderly lonely housemates.
And she has turned from a blossoming and cheerful woman into a helpless person who is completely dependent on outside help!
  Mzia lives in Tbilisi in the Nadzaladevi district, in a small, completely shabby little room in a house that seems about to crumble.
 Everything here is rotten and dilapidated: floors, ceilings, furniture! All with huge cracks and holes, the plaster crumbles right on the head, the walls are covered with black mold from the constant dampness!
The kitchen, bathroom and toilet are in the same room, which is more like a cattle shed ... There is no heating here, so in winter this room is very cold and it is impossible to breathe in summer due to the lack of windows and ventilation. Just imagine what kind of anguish this unhappy woman has to go through every day to even wash her face!
  It is simply incomprehensible to the mind that in the 21st century in modern Georgia people live in such inhuman conditions!
But terrifying life is a minor problem for Mzia. Most importantly, she often just has nothing to eat, because all the tiny allowance goes to essential medicines! On other days, Mzii must be content only with a piece of bread, or even fall asleep in general when he is hungry. Because of this, she is constantly exhausted and sometimes can not even get up from her bed!
It’s impossible to watch this video without tears and compassion, you just take a look
  To make life easier, Mzii needs a lot: furniture, a mattress and bedding, dishes, appliances, hygiene products, medicines and food.
Friends, you can transfer funds for this family to the account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Mzia Tsikhishvili) or pay from our website You can also transfer money from NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
  Your good heart and outstretched helping hand truly work wonders, they help people to gain faith! Your help can save a person's life!