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"If you buy drugs, the family will be left without f

The life of this family turned into a hell on earth, from which there is no way out.
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 These people are in completely unbearable conditions, in terrible poverty and complete isolation. Nobody cares about them! Nobody cares about their fate, which for several years now has been pulling this family into the abyss.
Oh, how our politicians like to say lofty words during election campaigns. But as soon as they secure a warm place in the parliament or government, their promises will instantly evaporate somewhere. And the people are getting worse and worse every day ...
41-year-old Tamila Chikhradze suffers from cirrhosis of the liver. This terrible disease has undermined the health of a young woman who has another sadness in her soul - her 14-year-old daughter Barbare is mentally retarded from birth. Ivan's husband is unemployed, but what kind of work you can talk about in this forgotten village of God, where human destiny, unfortunately, does not bother anyone. So they pull the strap of life in complete poverty and despair; they often go hungry, collect obnoski, water is dragged from far away and cry for joy if any kind person gives them a bowl of soup or gives them some firewood.
- Tamila, tell me, do local authorities help you?
Tamila: No, no one helps. We are all forgotten and abandoned.
- What do you live on?
Tamila: my husband sometimes works as a laborer in the city. This is a great success for us when he gets such a job, it rarely happens ... Sometimes he collects scrap metal, delivers it and buys an elementary meal for the received pennies.
- What is your state of health at this stage?
Tamila: Mene worse every day. Cirrhosis is a terrible disease. Often there are attacks, I cough terribly, my whole body aches, but for now I’m holding on ... And what should I do? My daughter alone can not do anything. I am constantly in suspense, watching her, because when she goes out into the yard, she can break her head at any moment ...
 - What medicines are you buying?
Tamila: if you buy medicine, the family will be left without food. Also, there is no money to go to the city and pay for the doctor’s consultation ... I have already given up on myself ... And what should I do? Even there is no water in the house, you have to wash and wash the dishes on the street in cold water with your hands, from which all the bones hurt.
     - Besides drugs, what would you most need at the moment?
Tamila: of course, this is food, bedding, household appliances. We have practically nothing ... just an empty unfinished house without windows and doors ...
 - Do you have hope that your life will somehow improve?
Tamila: I hope only in God! I pray the Lord to send us saviors, kind people who will give us a helping hand!
Friends, there is a saying "The world is not without good people." Working in the Chernovetsky Fund, we are convinced of this every time! Yes, there are a lot of good people, they live in caring for others, help people, bring positive mood to the world. These are the simplest sincere and kind people. Each of them has their own problems, their own work, family and children. But there is something special about them. These people do good deeds without looking back and not expecting a reward. We are sure that one of them is you! Do not pass by the misfortune of the Chikhradze family, help, comfort them and during these Christmas days give them a miracle - hope for the future!
If you want to provide financial assistance, the money to buy food, medicine and hygiene products can be transferred to the Fund’s account: GE15TB7194336080100003 (appointment: Tamila Chikhradze) or paid directly from the Fund’s website. You can also transfer money from NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. In the "charity" section, find our Foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
 Every kind thought, every kind word, every deed done adds to a person spiritual values ​​that cannot be bought!

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