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Lyuba Karumidze

The worst thing when you are old is loneliness!
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Friendly and cheerful 85-year-old Lyuba Karumidze lives alone in horrible conditions! The tiny apartment in the building of a former silk factory hostel there are no facilities: no bathroom, no kitchen, and the toilet is shared, it is in the corridor. There is no gas piping in the room, the poor woman prepares lunch on her electric stove. Her only appliance is an old TV-set. 

For many years Lyuba Karumidze has been suffering from a nose and ear tumor, and an erysipelas inflammation of the lower extremities. The operation to remove the tumor has been performed several times, but the disease returns even more seriously. An elderly woman hardly moves around the apartment. Due to this she does not even go out, being afraid that she would lack strength to return.

The Chernovetskyi Fund has taken Lyuba Karumidze under its wing. We have visited the single woman, talked to her and asked what she needed most.

- Mrs. Lyuba, could you tell us about your life?

- When I retired I didn't stay at home. I always tried to participate in the public life of the city, but what could I do now? So I'm living like a recluse. I take small walks around the apartment, and when my leg starts aching I even cannot sleep. And medications are too expensive now. My whole pension is spent on the ointment; I cannot go without it…

Lyuba Karumidze is an accountant by profession, for many years she had been working at a silk factory, and then she worked as a chief accountant at a tourist Center in Tbilisi. She used to be surrounded by people all the time, but now the elderly woman almost despaired, being broken under the burden of loneliness.

Lyuba Karumidze has no children of her own, but she has always been dreaming of having them. The lonely woman took the 10-month old son of her sister to take care of him. She devoted her whole life to him. We could not help asking Lyuba Karumidze where her son is now. 

- Mrs. Lyuba, why are you left without care and help?

- The son lives separately with his family now. Just do not think of anything bad, he does not leave me unattended. He calls and visits me, but he cannot help as he does not work. A year ago his 16-year-old daughter died, and the second daughter had a heart surgery, there are more important things for them to think about. 

So our beneficiary lives in such a way passing her days in loneliness, constantly watching the telephone to start ringing as she is waiting for a call from her son or granddaughter. But most often the elderly woman is pleased with the attentive and sensitive staff of the Fund. Medical and social workers call her several times a day and visit her to care for the sick woman. But this help cannot solve all the problems of Lyuba Karumidze.

Her one-room apartment has not been repaired for many years. Because of the dampness the already old wallpaper has separated from the walls; the room has an unpleasant smell, and old Lyuba is no longer able to maintain cleanliness. 

We hope that the story of this worthy woman will touch everyone's heart! 

Lyuba Karumidze needs our protection, support and help! 

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