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February 24, 2019
God doesn't let anything go for nothing…
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"God does nothing in vain. I realize that maybe my brain attack was the only way to bring me to faith. The Lord does not send us hard trials without a good reason. Apparently, I lived incorrectly, and there was no other option," – this was the first thing Muraz Machavariani told us when we came to visit him.

The 78-year-old man leaning on crutches struggled out of bed to meet us. Anyhow, it is a rule in the intellectual family of Machavariani. 

Unfortunately, it often happens that the health of active, hardworking, kind-hearted and indifferent to someone else's grief people deteriorates sharply and unexpectedly. So it happened to Morisom Machavariani. He was a leading economist, one of the best specialists in the field. All his life he took care of the family and never passed by those who needed help. And today he needs our help himself. 

Muraz Machavariani is a disabled person of the second group, he has a list of serious diseases. On the background of high pressure, the man received an ischemic stroke, the right side of the body got paralyzed, and in addition he had venous insufficiency. Because of the poor blood supply to the limbs, Muraz regularly has trophic ulcers. His condition is constantly deteriorating, especially due to the conditions in which our beneficiary lives. 

– Mrs. Muraz, could you tell us about your life? 

Muraz Machavariani: We used to have an apartment, but we lost it in the most difficult years. For a long time we dwelled in different abandoned houses. Then the State placed us in this poor building of the former educational institution, but even this apartment doesn't belong to us, and all our addresses concerning privatization of this similarity of housing were in vain. 

He lives with his wife and son in the three rooms. Apart from water and gas there are no other benefits of civilization in the house. Muraz's wife Zoya Vashakidze told us about her difficult life.

– Zoya, could you imagine you will get in such a miserable situation?

 Zoya Vashakidze: I've never thought of it. I am a philologist by education, a teacher; I used to write poetry, I could not imagine that I would have to fight for survival. The hardest years were when the kids were growing up. The fact that children have not been able to settle in this life, echoes the pain in my heart. 

 – Your children have not been able to arrange their lives?

Zoya Vashakidze:  Life was hard on my son, Tato. Despite all his efforts, he couldn't find a job to help us in any way. His personal life has not got settled either. We were happy for our daughter, she got married and at first everything was fine. But now her family is in such a difficult financial situation that even our girl cannot visit us – she simply has no money for the trip. 

Muraz Machavariani: My girl, she's so smart! Of course she is an adult, but for me she will always be my favorite baby. I miss my daughter and grandchildren very much; I call and talk to them every day. But can that be enough for a loving father? 

– What do you need most of all now?

Muraz Machavariani: Have a look, the apartment has almost no furniture. The beds we all sleep on are almost rotten and falling apart. In winter we get heated by an electric heater, but we use it only when it gets very cold. Otherwise we will not be able to pay for electricity. We have an old refrigerator and a gas stove. The TV set broke down long ago and we cannot afford buying a new one or fixing the one we have. 

Muraz Machavariani had not been outside for many years. Four walls are all that the beneficiary sees from morning till night. Social and medical workers of the Fund come to Muraz's house, thanks to the efforts of our specialists; the family periodically receives assistance with medicines, and one-time payments from the local municipality. Nurses ' assistants regularly carry out medical procedures, treat trophic ulcers, and give injections. The Fund gave Muraz Machavariani roller walking aid so that he could go outside at least in summer.

– Mr. Muraz, tell me, do you have a special desire that I would like to implement? 

Muraz Machavariani:  I love my village in Imereti where I grew up. My dream is to live there, in the fresh air, in peace and tranquility. But I cannot live there alone, it is impossible to be without my relatives, and they cannot leave Tbilisi. So I am longing for my native land…

Only those who have a good heart can feel the pain of the neighbor as their own! We believe in your support, charity and compassion! 

Muraz Machavariani needs our help! Despite the serious state of health, he can live a full life, enjoying hugging his grandchildren and children! 

If you have a possibility to provide him any material assistance, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Muraz Machavariani) or make a donation directly from our website 

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