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Giorgi Janashia needs our help!

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March 22, 2019
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The child bites his hands and hits his head against the wall because of the severe pain!
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Dear friends, when you feel heavy-hearted, there is no reason to fall into despair as it is a sin! Tomorrow everything will be even better than you expected! And this poor boy will never get better... he's doomed! The doctor was a villain: just imagine! He dropped the baby! And now the child is doomed to horrible suffering! The kid who has never hurt anyone has a terrible disease, dropsy of brain.

 11-year old Georgiy Janashia has brain hydrocephaly. This is a horrible illness which entails numerous complications, including mental deficiency.

The teenager is almost deaf; he does not react to external stimulus; he is constantly agitated and cannot sit still; he cannot speak and only pronounces separate squeaky sounds. Inside his head he has a peritoneal shunt supporting his viability; otherwise the child will die.

They live in a dilapidated hut, in appalling conditions, half-starving, without any hope for survival and on the threshold of a terrible despair.

We asked Tamuna, Georgiy's mother, a few questions.

– Tamuna, how did you end up in this little room?

Tamuna: – Before my marriage I used to live in Tbilisi, but when I started a family, I moved to my husband in Martvili. We lived happily, and I wanted to have a big family. But the birth of Georgiy changed our lives…

– How did the pregnancy go? Were there any complications?

Tamuna: No, everything was fine, we were waiting for a healthy firstborn! According to her story, when she delivered the child medical workers dropped the baby by inadvertence. As a result the baby received a brain injury. So the hydrocephaly is not innate, it is acquired. It resulted in a large sorrow which ruined the destiny of the entire family!

– And so, you had to leave everything and move to the capital?

Tamuna: – Yes, there are no conditions in Martvili, and it became impossible to take care of such a seriously ill child! I had an apartment in Tbilisi, but because of Georgiy I had to sell it... now we live in this room, barely making ends meet. My husband stayed in the village. He helps us from there, working as a handyman. My parents help me with the upbringing of my son, I cannot cope all by myself anymore…

– It is very hard indeed, and can Georgiy somehow tell you what's bothering him?

Tamuna: – It is out of question to leave him alone even for a second. He can't talk, he can't say he's in pain... He starts hitting himself on the head with his fists, banging his head against the wall, and I know he's in terrible pain... and he can't say anything. You have to hold him all the time, hold him down, so he does not hurt himself. Now his grandfather is holding him from biting himself by the hand, can you imagine what a nightmare it is!

– Yes, it's even scary to imagine. And how does Georgiy's little brother, Luka, react to this?

Tamuna: – Oh, my boy has to live through such things... he is 5 years old now. He is afraid of his brother... He really wants to hug him, but he is afraid of doing this. Sometimes he cries and looks into my eyes asking to take him to his father. But when he's there, he asks dad to bring him back.

– Does the government help you?

Tamuna: – We receive social allowance. The mayor's office is also paying for the rent of this room... and that's it.

– Did you go to the polls? Did you address the deputies for help?

Tamuna: – I did, but my son needs medicines for 1000 lari per month, who would help me?

– Tamuna, do you understand that if you do not ask for help, no one will help you? And the deputies are elected in order to help such mothers as you are. And if they do not help we will write about it and the whole country will know their names! All Georgia will know them!

Dear friends, Tamara Janashia is taking care of the sick child all by herself. When he was 2, she sold the house and spent all the received money for the son's treatment. Probably thanks to these efforts Georgiy is alive today, but more money is necessary to support his health, and the lonely mother is unable to find them. She has only 200 lari as a social allowance and a pension of 180 lari – this is the whole income of the family living in extreme poverty.

Tamuna: – I know that my son will never be the same as others, says Tamara barely holding back from tears, – but I still hope that a miracle will happen and thanks to the treatment, his condition will get a little better... But there is no money for it; I often do not even have money for food... After all, this poor child cannot swallow even mashed food, and how could I buy yogurt every day? I have no idea how to keep on living! I am in a great need, crying because of my helplessness and constantly praying to the Lord to send people who will give him a helping hand.

Dear friends, today Georgiy needs your help and your kind heart! Certainly, because of the horrible illness he does not understand anything what is going on with him, he is just in pain and cannot even tell about it, but we do understand! Let us help the brave mother in this hard struggle for the life of her son, let us give her a hope for the better! They need literally everything - medicines, hygiene products, food…

Dear friends, be merciful! You can transfer money to help Georgiy Janashia to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Georgiy Janashia) or pay directly from our web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the ways of payment by following the link

Who wants to visit this family in person, you can call the mother by the number 598287902 or come at the address: No. 6, Lechkhumi street.

Help the needy, give them warmth, hope and thus extend their life!

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