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Opposed old men are desperately asking for help!

Friends, two old people die in torment! Imagine if it touched, God forbid, your loved ones ?! But the ways of the Lord are inscrutable!
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Friends, two old people die in torment! Imagine if it touched, God forbid, your loved ones ?! But the ways of the Lord are inscrutable!
What we can? Much! Before God, we can and should help them with something, so that when they die, they know that people in Georgia are as good as they used to be.
 Nunu Sharikadze is 64 years old. Because of diabetes 2 months ago, she had her leg amputated! Now she is bedridden, and the other limb is covered with blood ulcers.
Take a good look at this photo ... Next to her lies another unhappy man - her 72-year-old spouse, Fridon Sharikadze, who is also chained because of a stroke! He can not talk, constantly screaming in pain, and can not swallow.
Recently, the Ministry of Health refused to provide Nuna Sharikadze with insulin and in every possible way delays her inclusion in the state program for diabetics. It’s just amazing how from this department there is such a careless attitude towards people, such indifference and such negligence!
We talked with Nunu Sharikadze about her life, problems and attitudes towards our Foundation:
-Tell me how you got to Tbilisi?
Nunu Sharikadze: We lived in the Zestafon district. 20 years ago, they sold the house for a penny and moved to live in Tbilisi. They built this shack, which barely keeps and can collapse in one day. They thought that life would be better in a big city, but fate was not favorable to us. My husband is a driver by profession, I am a housewife. He earned pennies, and after retirement, he was struck down by a serious illness.
-When did you get a diagnosis of diabetes?
Nunu Sharikadze: a few years ago. Very worried about her husband, the doctors literally "returned from the next world." Against the background of experiences and "grabbed" diabetes.
-Do you have kids?
Nunu Sharikadze: Yes, there is one son. He is now 46 years old. He is unemployed, sometimes he finds “one-off work”: - someone needs to break a wall, someone needs to take out the garbage to the dump ... They pay pennies, and he has a family. They beg.
-Has his family big?
Nunu Sharikadze: the oldest girl is 3 years old, and the little child is still in the clinic, he was born prematurely.
-What do you live for?
Nunu Sharikadze: have to survive. Pension and social benefits are our income. All the money goes to elemental food and insulin.
- When was the last time you applied to the Ministry of Health to include you in the program for insulin supply?
Nunu Sharikadze: 3 weeks ago my sister-in-law went. She was told that there were not enough documents, they tortured us like this ...
Who helps you? Did you contact the local authorities or the deputy for help?
Nunu Sharikadze: no one helps your Foundation. We are registered with the Home Care program and I cannot even imagine what I would have done without you. Your doctor and nurse constantly come to us, do medical procedures, provide medicines and hygiene items. Many thanks to your Foundation, which truly cares about such unfortunate people like us!
-We will definitely turn to your deputy and to the mayor's office to petition the Ministry of Health, and if we get an unintelligible answer from them, we will write about it on our Facebook page. After all, we have about half a million readers. And let them be ashamed of the inaction and indifference to the fate of people.
Nunu Sharikadze: thank you very much. I am a believer and constantly ask the Lord to bless good people who share other people's misfortunes.
-Tell me what are you dreaming about?
Nunu Sharikadze: I dream of a normal roof over my head, I dream that my grandson survive, so that my son has a good life. Now it is disastrous for us, we are on the verge of survival!
Friends, as you can see, Nunu Sharikadze needs your urgent help and moral support. The general condition in this family is so depressing that it is impossible to refrain from empathy. Of course, we will continue to help these people, but you can personally take part in their rescue and personally visit this family. Here is their address: Tbilisi, Third Delisi Street, 24, tel. 571001177, ask Sofo (daughter-in-law) or Zura (son). And if you do not have time to visit them and give at least a little attention, then you can transfer money to assist our Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Nunu Sharikadze). You can also transfer money from our website
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (You can familiarize with payment methods under the link
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