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May 8, 2019
"Lord, how I want to live a little more!"
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81-year-old Inga Kariauli survives in unbearably terrible conditions of poverty and human indifference. She lives her last days in a dark and cold room, where the source of "light and heat" is a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The daughter and the grandson who is a disabled person of group I are her family, and there is nobody else nearby.

Take a good look at the picture, at the sad eyes of this elderly woman for whom life has turned into a complete nightmare. Being an oncological patient, Inga Kariauli has been unable to move for several years; she sees poorly, suffers from hypertension and coronary heart disease, and suffocates from lack of air.  She often starves, because most of the pension she gives to the little grandson, who is a disabled person of group I. 

Every time we prepare such material the question arises: and what are the local authorities or the Deputy, who whom she voted, doing? Do they not care about the fate of people who used to serve the Motherland when they were young, and now, in their old age, are all forgotten and rejected! 

Dear friends, while the authorities are silent and inactive, our human duty is to help her, because only through joint efforts we will be able to pull her out of poverty and despair!

We talked to Inga Kariauli and asked her to talk about his life and the problems that are most relevant today: 

 – Tell me please, how do you manage to survive in such terrible conditions? 

Inga Kariauli: Only with God's help! Do you know what it means for us? It means that the Lord has brought your Fund into my life, which has been taking care of me for several years. 

– And does anyone else help you? 

Inga Kariauli: At the moment no one helps but you, no one needs me anymore. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. But the operation was not needed; they did radiation and said that I would live! Thank you, of course, for this. But my life has turned into a struggle for survival, and I have no more power for it! 

– Could you specify, how does the Fund help you?

Inga Kariauli: I'm a registered member of "Home care" program. The doctor comes very often, and the nurse visits me almost every day. They are so kind! They treat me the way they would treat their grandmother... they give injections, measure my blood pressure, and bring me medicines…

– Tell us about yourself, what are you and where did you work? 

Inga Kariauli: I am a chemist-biologist, all my life I worked at a research laboratory. I was married, but unsuccessfully. We did not get along and divorced immediately after the birth of the daughter. I raised her alone, without any help... In 1989, when the actions for the independence of Georgia began in Tbilisi, I considered it my duty to take part in them. I still can't forget April 9th. On that day, as you know, the Soviet Army brutally dealt with the participants of the action. 

– Were you hurt too? 

Inga Kariauli: In particular, I suffered from tear gas; I was poisoned and lay at hospital for several months. As a specialist, I can bluntly tell that it was a chemical gas that poisoned hundreds of people…

– And you can show me some photos of your youth?

Inga Kariauli: Oh, is it possible to find anything in such a chaos that reigns in this room? My old stuff is Packed in these boxes. All this should be taken and thrown away, but I cannot dare; it is a pity to say goodbye to youth…

When we came in we immediately smelled the dampness… 

Inga Kariauli: You can see the unbearable conditions here. It is very damp in here; the walls are covered with mold; the floor is full of holes and is about to collapse; I'm even afraid to walk around; more than once I fell and hurt my leg. In winter a cold wind is blowing through the windows... In general, life is very hard here.

– And have you asked for help from the powers and the deputy? It's their duty to help people, to take care of them…

Inga Kariauli: I cannot walk and write them. Help me in this, please. Maybe they can fix my floor, the boards of which are terribly wobbly, as I'm afraid to fall through it. I've heard that socially unprotected families are helped with repair works by the mayor's office... I have a daughter, but she's looking after the sick son who suffers from cerebral palsy and I try not to disturb her... She's also socially unprotected. She is in such a terrible trouble, and here I am with my problems… 

– We will write a letter to the Deputy with a request to assist you in this matter. We will also write a letter to the mayor. Let's see how they will react, and if they do not help, we will write about it. After all, we have about half a million of readers. And let them be ashamed that they do not help their voters, especially the sick and poor elderly. After all it is a sacred duty of each Deputy to help the people! And what is your current health condition? 

Inga Kariauli: I feel really bad. My bones ache; my head is spinning because of high pressure; I feel lack of air, my whole body aches, my heart aches, I constantly cry…

–Do you have enough money to buy medicines and what is your "income" in general? 

Inga Kariauli: Medicines? I have only those whiсh your Fund nurse brings me... I give my entire pension and social allowance to the sick grandson. He has such a bad disease that it requires a lot of money. My meager pension at least helps him in some way... I leave money only for bread…

– And do you believe in afterlife? 

Inga Kariauli: For most people this is the main issue of life, but the unknown is always frightening. The afterlife is incomprehensible to our earthly mind, but I believe that there is life after death. Upon the death of the flesh the soul of a person passes into the world of eternity. In order to go to heaven, you need to live your life honestly and to follow the commandments. Unfortunately, nobody can do it with perfection, but you need to confess and to continue going along the road leading to God. 

– Do you pray often?

Inga Kariauli: I always pray in my heart for my grandson. My dream is for him to recover; to walk... And of course, I pray to God for my health. Yes, I'm an old person (crying - note), but I do not want to die, I want to live a little more… 

 Friends, as practice shows, it is extremely difficult to raise funds for medicines and treatment of elderly people. Nevertheless, our Fund managed to provide "Targeted Assistance" to hundreds of pensioners for 7 years. And it was possible thanks to caring people who repeatedly responded to our requests for help! 

Any, even the smallest amount that you can donate, will ease the suffering of this elderly woman. She needs medicines, hygiene products, food and... attention! 

If you have a willing to help, you can transfer the money to our Fund account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Inga Kariauli) You can also transfer money from our website. 

You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link 

There are only two ways in the world: towards God and away from God. The choice is yours!