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Why does grandmother care for a sick girl?

Anano is a 9-year-old girl who has not been lucky since birth, she does not know what it means to be healthy, and in all her life we ​​have felt nothing b
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The long-awaited child in the family Kadaria was born with many pathologies: she was diagnosed with microcephaly (underdevelopment of the brain), heart disease, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and vision problems. The whole family was shocked, but to abandon the baby and throw it to the mercy of fate, and in his thoughts was not!
Caring for Anna was very difficult! Frequent epileptic seizures, endless testing and treatment ...
“Not life, but constant struggle with death!” - says Anna Maya’s grandmother.
- Maya, where are Anna's parents?
 - How to say ... the young ones were probably not able to cope with physical exertion and psychological stress. They left the baby, and left the house. Anna's mom has created another family, sometimes she comes to visit a child. My father has another life too!
- You so calmly talk about it, is it not difficult for you with a child? After all, she needs special care?
 - So what to do. I do not judge them, God will judge them. I took it as my cross, it is my duty to be with my granddaughter and do everything so that she suffers less.
To improve Anna’s condition, she constantly needs expensive medications, a rehabilitation course and special nutrition. But for all this, my grandmother, sorely lacking funds! Grandma Maya cannot work and earn money due to the fact that her granddaughter needs round-the-clock care: Anna’s chewing reflex is not developed, she often suffocates, and she often has epileptic seizures ... Therefore, you cannot leave the girl even for a minute can turn into tragedy!
 - what a cute little dog, she never leaves Anna?
“This is our Jesi, she saved my granddaughter's life several times.” When she starts having seizures, Jessi starts to bark and call me ... It's just a miracle. Sometimes I think that animals are more human than people!
Grandmother and granddaughter live in extreme poverty in the Zugdidi district, the village of Darcheli. The house has only two rooms that are suitable for living. The ceiling is leaking, the floor is rotten. There is practically no furniture.
“I would never have asked for help from strangers,” Grandma Maya says with tears in her eyes, “but now we have a hopeless situation: we need a corset, food and diapers.” Our income is only 250 GEL, they are not enough for anything ...
- and you turned for help to the deputy? Do they have to help you? It is their duty!
 - I recently appealed to the mayor's office, asked to finance a corset for Anna. They promised to help ... I'm waiting!
Desperate grandmother begging all good people to help save her granddaughter! To alleviate the sufferings and recovery of little Anna, medicines, rehabilitation procedures and special nutrition are urgently needed!
Chernovetsky Fund can not leave this family with a seriously ill child alone with their misfortune! Therefore, we are starting a charity campaign to raise funds to help Anna, and of course we will help ourselves!
God gives us “other people's difficulties” so that we can show our best qualities, become real Christians. Otherwise, He would never allow the grief of people, because he loves everyone equally!
Use this formula more often or like ... And I urgently need options for this kind of language from journalists. I don’t have to write articles for them and think of words!
 Every lari you donate can be vital to her! You can transfer money to the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Anna Kadaria) or pay directly from
Please do not remain indifferent and show mercy to this innocent child who has endured so much suffering and torment in his short life!


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