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"Heart moans from pain and loneliness!"

70-year-old Liana Pkhaladze is a deeply unhappy person. The husband died 32 years ago, and the only son - in 2004.
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70-year-old Liana Pkhaladze is a deeply unhappy person. The husband died 32 years ago, and the only son - in 2004. Could be the caring mother of one of us friends! But now she has remained alone in her old age, without relatives, without relatives and without means of subsistence. And these damned diseases make her life even harder. Diabetes, cataracts, hypertension ... This is an incomplete list of diseases that Liana Pkhaladze suffers from, whose general condition worsens every day.
She huddles in a tiny house from one room, where it is very cold in winter, and in summer - there is a terrible heat. The living conditions there are very bad. She even has difficulty moving around the room. No, not because it cannot walk, but because the floor is so decrepit that it can fail at any moment.
Poverty, starvation, loss of loved ones, illness, loneliness ... All the evils agreed on one thing. And no further clearance. Liana Phaladze has repeatedly appealed to the authorities for help, but, as she says, no one pays any attention to her. She even suspended the issuance of social benefits, and besides did not really explain the reason for such an act.
Friends, while the authorities come to their senses, our duty is not to leave this lonely woman alone with her misfortune. She is not such a big age to give up on everything, although at any age a person deserves a normal life.
We talked with Liana Pkhaladze, who told us about her problems and experiences:
-Tell me what is your current state of health?
Liana Pkhaladze: I feel very bad, the pressure is constantly high, I started to see badly, my bones ache, I suffer from diabetes, but absolute loneliness finishes me the most. Feeling useless - a terrible feeling. God forbid you to experience! My heart groans in pain and loneliness.
-What did your husband and son die from?
 Liana Pkhaladze: The husband died of heart disease, and the son died of liver disease. In 1989, my son participated in protests outside the Georgian parliament building, when Soviet troops used poison gas to disperse a demonstration. That's when he got sick. She treated him, looked after her, cherished him, but fate turned out to be unfavorable to him.
- As you can see, in your apartment bad conditions for living ...
 Liana Phaladze: I would say terrible conditions. Paul is in a disgusting state, afraid to fail; furniture, as you can see, is old and unsuitable, I do not have a refrigerator and a washing machine. I do not turn on the electric heating stove, because there is nothing to pay for the light ...
-What is your "income"?
Liana Pkhaladze: only a pension of 200 GEL. Received earlier social benefits, but suspended 4 years ago. I went to complain, but the reason was not explained, in any case, I did not understand anything. This is how I live on these 200 lari, half hungry and unhappy!
- Did you ask the authorities for help?
Liana Phaladze: how not addressed? I do not remember how many times she applied to the mayor's office and the gamgeoba. Please give me free blood glucose meters to measure sugar levels. And they say to me: “Not allowed. Come to the clinic and we will measure it for free. ” But how can I go to the polyclinic so often? Can I sit in line for hours?
-We will definitely write a letter to the authorities, as well as to your majoritarian deputy, to pay attention to you and help, because each deputy’s duty is to take care of his voters.
Liana Phaladze: Thank you very much to your foundation. Nurse Fonda help me a lot. I love these girls. They have become like relatives to me. I am very grateful to you for taking care of me relentlessly. May God grant you all health and success!
-What are you dreaming about?
Liana Phaladze: I do not want to die. Do you think that at my age I stopped dreaming? In no case! I want to live and dream of smashing a small vegetable garden near my house to plant greens and vegetables. Well, if the Lord decides to take me to heaven, then the will of God is at all! That's when I reunite with my deceased son. God rest his soul!
Friends, a lonely old woman asks for help! At this stage, she needs most: medicines, food, a refrigerator and a washing machine. Together we can make her happy! It all depends on our kind heart and readiness to help our neighbor! Do not delay good deeds tomorrow! They need to do right now!
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Every Christian should help those who are near. Especially valuable are our actions in relation to our neighbors. And not to the son or grandson, whom we naturally love, but to the one who needs it. That is what we will be counted in Eternity!