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Mtvarisa Karchava's big tragedy

June 25, 2019       4552
Great grief! She ran home from death in Abkhazia. And here, the doctors “caught up and crippled their beloved daughter”!
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A child has appeared in a happy family: healthy and beautiful. Daughter Mtvaris –– what a happiness!
At that time, the family lived in Abkhazia, and when the militants entered the village and smelled serty, they fled. So they remained alive ...
But the trouble, and the worst that happens, caught up with them in Georgia, in the hospital, in Borjomi. During the escape, the beautiful -4-month-old baby caught miningitis. And the "doctors" began to "treat" ... From pneumonia ... And ... Disfigured child! The girl had convulsions, developed paralysis of the limbs and mental retardation.
Everything…! Life before a happy family - turned into a complete nightmare. Imagine, friends, -27 years old, as Mtvaris suffers from this terrible disease. Every day she has terrible seizures, and to say that it hurts, she cannot and often does not even recognize her own mother and can hit her ...
The father of the girl died of grief. And now mom-Khatuna is all alone with her grief! But heroically every day fighting for the life of his child!
How many sufferings, difficulties and heartache suffered a young mother - still a beautiful woman - who could build a new life, but gives her all without a trace to her only ... To her daughter!
“My husband was a Kickboxing champion of Abkhazia. The first handsome on the area! when we got married, i was the happiest woman. We wanted to have a large family, many children ... But all our plans were destroyed by the war. When we left our native village, we couldn't take anything with us. When my daughter got sick and the doctors said that she had only a short time to live, my husband fell on his knees and sobbing asked God “don't let me survive my daughter's death, take me and give my baby life” ... and it happened ...
    -What do you live for?
    Mtvaris: 290 GEL per month - this is our wealth! All the money goes to diapers, bread and utilities. I can not afford to buy meat, chicken, as well as special food for my daughter.
      - Do the authorities help you?
   Mtvarisa: to say that they do not help, I will be wrong. And the mayor's office, and the majority deputy, and the Ministry of Health do not leave us without attention, provide all possible assistance. Ordinary people also help us. I believe in good, believe in you, in your foundation and in those kind people who are ready to come to the aid of my daughter!
    - What are you asking God for?
    Mtvarisa: I ask God to give me the strength to care for my daughter. I am now 46 years old, recently I began to choke, my legs hurt, but for now I'm holding on!
Friends, let's not leave this family in trouble! Mtvaris urgently needs very much, especially in the hygiene supplies and food.
You can visit these people at your place of residence and personally give help. Here are their coordinates: Borjomi, st. Rustaveli, № 107, tel .: 568651588.
And if you are busy and can not go to Borjomi, but really want to help, then you can transfer funds to the account of our foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Mtvaris Karchava). We will account for each Tetri and, of course, help ourselves.
You can transfer money from our website and Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
Whatever is going on in our world, eternal values ​​will always remain in it: Mercy, Kindness and Love! And without these values, - every Georgian is doomed to be left with one-on-one misfortune.

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