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The 80-year-old Mariam Kavtaradze has the feeling that she does not exist. Nobody needs her, she’s just superfluous in Georgia .
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The 80-year-old Mariam Kavtaradze has the feeling that she does not exist. Nobody needs her, she’s just superfluous in Georgia ... But she could have been the mother of one of us. So good and kind ...!
And once, her appearance in the wards of a hospital was equivalent to the appearance of a guardian angel - after all, during her life she managed to wrest thousands of people from death! For 33 years she worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Surgeons!
And as if this was not ... now she is worse than all his patients, and no one is going to save her! Now Mariam is alone, and lives her days in cold, hunger and with terrible thoughts about worthlessness! Mariam Kavtaradze’s health is deteriorating every day. Numerous diseases, eat this sweet old woman.
This is what grandmother Mariam shared with us:
“Mariam, have you had a family?”
Mariam Kavtaradze: My father died at the front in World War II, my mother died 40 years ago, and I never got married. I was lame from birth and was always shy about it ... I couldn’t find my love, I couldn’t start a family, I gave myself to my beloved work for 33 years I worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the Eristavi Institute of Surgery. Gone from there in 2003. And you know how offensive it is that no one will even remember me ... I have one niece left who visits me, only thanks to her I live. And of course your Foundation makes me happy. The nurse is very attentive, and the drugs bring me ...
- Grandmother Mariam, probably it is very difficult for you to cope with difficulties?
Mariam Kavtaradze: Oh, yes, very much. Here look, Neighbors poured me, do not want to help me fix it. Probably they think that I will soon die, and nothing is wasted ... called the patrol, but they could not do anything, but I would meet with the deputy Levan Koberidze ... maybe he can help!
- we will write him a letter ...
Mariam Kavtaradze: Thank you very much. They promise, promise, and then they forget everything ... they think, and we, too, are sclerotic old and forget ... but no ...
What is your income?
Mariam Kavtaradze: a pension in the amount of 200 lari and 60 lari is a social benefit. Half the money goes to drugs. And the rest - for bread.
What do you need the most?
Mariam Kavtaradze: the products are likely to not die of hunger ... what else ... but I know, sometimes I think it might be better if I die? And who needs me? I am like an empty place ... except for the troubles, I don’t deliver anything to others ... is it fair? Young die and I'm still alive ...
We would like to urge you friends to pay attention to the problem of a lonely old age, it will be a year, and any of us may be in this position! We have warmed the hearts of more than one old man, and we will definitely help her! Because those who should and who promised to take care of these old people in the elections, as always, are inactive. Grandma Mariam need to save! All together! Help her! Help yourself!
You can transfer money to assist a single elderly woman, Mariam Kavtaradze, to our Fund’s account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Mariam Kavtaradze). You can also transfer money from our site (For additional rights and obligations of the Foundation, see
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation.
You can help a person - help, you can not help - pray, you do not know how to pray - think of a person well! And this will be help, because bright thoughts are also a weapon!


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