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When death breathes in the back, and terrifying poverty opens the door for her!

She lives, or rather lives out her days, in a one-room rented apartment of an old house, where disgusting living conditions and complete poverty reign.
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The story of 83-year-old Mariam Demetrashvili is banal and terrible, terrible just because of her banality, because there are dozens of such grandmothers throughout the country. She lives, or rather lives out her days, in a one-room rented apartment of an old house, where disgusting living conditions and complete poverty reign.
 Recently, the old woman has strongly surrendered: she is bedridden, almost blind, has become hard to hear, her mind is confused, she does not always understand day or night.
25 years ago, Mariam Demetrashvili buried her husband, a couple of years later - her eldest son, and after 8 years - her youngest son. The death of three people dear to her could not but affect her psyche. A constant nervous breakdown eventually resulted in a severe form of mental disorder.
The 60-year-old daughter-in-law Dodo, the wife of her son, who has to take care not only of an elderly woman, but also of an inadequate son suffering from hepatitis C, is caring for an unhappy old woman.
These people live below the poverty line, huddle in a tiny shabby room. Poverty is nowhere to go! Here they eat, sleep, wash, wash. It happens that they often go hungry, as most of the pension and social benefits go to renting an apartment and utilities.
“I repeatedly appealed to the city hall with a request to provide us with social housing or to pay rent, but I was constantly refused,” says Dodo. If I would have received help from the state in this matter, I would have sighed a little and would have directed the “freed up” money to medicines and food. ”
-Dodo, tell me, who is your mother-in-law by profession?
Dodo: she is a worker. She worked all her life at a plastic factory. Unfortunately, she never had a calm and peaceful life, death constantly haunted this family. Mariam turned out to be a strong woman, for in her place another one could immediately go crazy and go into that world, but she kept herself to the last.
-And who helps you?
Dodo: neighbors help than they can. Fortunately, the world is not without good people. Neighbors often visit her, help to bathe, bring food. But from the state, except for the allowance of 150 lari and an unfortunate pension, there is no help. See how everything has risen in price! Medicines and products are getting more expensive by the day, but by the hour. I am in despair, my mother-in-law may die in my arms, but I want her to live for some more time.
-She is probably a good mother-in-law, since you did not abandon her and carefully look after her?
Dodo: Mariam is a wonderful woman. How can I leave her? This will never happen. I call her "mom." Yes, she is not my mother, but that is not the point. A sick person needs help, and if I had not even been her daughter-in-law, I would have extended a helping hand anyway.
-And your son, who suffers from "C" hepatitis, is included in the state program?
Dodo: yes included. I rush between two sick, a son and a mother-in-law. One is bad, then another. I myself am also a sick person. I suffer from pneumonia. It’s very hard. Many thanks to your foundation, which God sent to us; without your help, we would not have survived. Believe me, I speak with all responsibility.
“Dodo, a woman who cares for sick people, what can she dream of?”
Dodo: Lord, let there be no sick and unhappy in this world, and let people love and care for each other. I don’t dream about anything else ...
Friends, Mariam Demetrashvili has earned a warm attitude throughout her life. She honestly gave her to the labor service of the country and the people, therefore, she has the right to expect reciprocity from them!
An old saying goes: "Old age will punish anyone who once infringed it." Let us always remember that old age is the future of every person, and no one is immune from a fate similar to that of the “heroine” of our story.
Your help will make it easier for daughter-in-law Mariam Demetrashvili to look after the poor woman. Only God knows how much she has left to live, but the fact remains - by common efforts, our prayer and mercy, we can give these people hope. And hope, as you know, dies last!
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