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“He who gives to the poor, gives not to him, but to Me” (Bible. Proverbs of Solomon)

Two invalids, two unfortunate fates, lonely and forgotten Georgian women! The misfortunes that have piled on these good women are tearing my heart apart!
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One is 60 years old and the other is 57. One is bedridden, suffering from the pain of a swollen body, and the other, pus and blood, are spilled from the wounds on the leg.
In poverty and cold, in oblivion and constant experiences sisters spend their days - Manana and Angelina, these martyrs! They don’t have anyone, they never had any husband, they didn’t give birth to children, mom and dad left for a long time. Now they, too, “gather” to their parents, for the position in which these innocent souls find themselves makes their life on this earth unbearable.
 “I suffer from erysipelas,” says Angelina. Legs are swollen, blood comes from wounds, dizzy, the whole body hurts. But with God's help I hold on, and what to do, we must look after my sister Manana. So, yesterday I decided to change her bed. I hardly transplanted my sister into a chair. At this time, dizzy, and I collapsed right on the floor. I’m crying, moaning, I can’t get up, shouting “help”, my sister is also crying. And suddenly, oh God! I see your nurse Ekaterina
. It was my salvation! In addition to her and your doctor, this room has been five years old, as no one entered. Yes, also your social worker Albina comes, wonderful girl. I pray for your foundation. You do so much for us that it cannot be conveyed in words. We are alive thanks to your foundation. My deep bow to Leonid Chernovetsky for helping us survive. ”
      -And what is your older sister sick?
      Angelina: Manana got sick with cachexia 30 years ago. This is a terrible disease when the body is depleted and becomes weak. Her legs and arms were taken away, in the end she fell down. The treatment helped, she remained alive, but could not get on her feet. Then heart failure, hypertension were added ... In a word, she’s absolutely helpless for a quarter of a century, she spent a quarter of a century in this stuffy room!
-Manana, can I see your photo in youth?
Manana: I have only one photo left. There it is, on the nightstand. For 30 years no one has photographed me, except for the photo for identification.
-In the photo you look like a real beauty ...
Manana: Oh, there were times when they called me an "actress", men did not take their eyes off, and I was waiting for the prince on a white horse. She was left alone, sick and old, useless and crying forever. It hurts a lot, but what to do ...
-And what are your main needs?
Angelina: I really need a refrigerator, even a small one, even an old one. Food that I hardly cook spoils in the heat and has to be thrown away. 60 GEL - social benefits and pensions - this is our income. Everything goes to drugs and products.
- Being in such a depressing state, you probably fall into despair?
Manana: I want to die and go to heaven with my parents. There we will all be together. I miss Mom and Dad so much ...
Angelina: Oh no sister! Firstly, it’s too early to die, and secondly, if you die, then together. We cannot live without each other!
Tell me, what are you dreaming about, what do you most want?
Angelina: I want to have a new cane with a handle. I had a cane, but it broke. There is no money to buy a new one, so you have to suffer, walk, leaning on the walls ...
Manana: But I want to go outside, look at the trees, take a dip in the sunshine, breathe in fresh air, because our apartment smelled of the smell of medicines, and the daylight almost "did not get" to our room.
Dear readers, you probably have a question - is there really not a single neighbor in this communal apartment who could give these unfortunate women a glass of water or run off to the store for bread? Unfortunately, the neighbors of these lovely old women are callous and heartless people. Well, what should they pay at least a little attention to these helpless people? Aren't you Georgians people? Is this how people treat old people in Georgia? You have no conscience left ...
       We will write a letter to the deputy, tell you about the fate of these unfortunate old women. Let's look at his reaction, which we will definitely introduce to you in our next post. This will be his test of conscience and loyalty to his campaign promises!
      Friends, any, even the smallest amount that you can donate, will ease the suffering of these elderly women. And if you have a desire, but no financial means, then at least make a repost of our post. Let your friends know about the trouble of the sisters Angelina and Manana! It is very important!
     Here is the account of our foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: sisters Angelina and Manana). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
     Compassion and help is the highest form of love. Very much is true
millions of times more, but that’s not the point. The main thing is that you save a life!

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