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God, if mom dies, take me to her, too!

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December 18, 2019
She remembers how sick and her mother nearly died, she remembers that someone was always crying at home.
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There is happiness, now I know it!
I again believed in it only thanks to you! ” - this is how a wonderful grandmother, Maya, met us, whose daughter is bedridden after a stroke, and she and her granddaughter, wonderful Nino, selflessly look after her. Sometimes they themselves are ready to stay hungry, but to feed the patient, and give her medication. After all, she is vitally necessary!
 Terrible poverty, hunger, pain, suffering and deepest grief from the fact that my beloved daughter and mother are sick ... - this is a terrifying picture that appeared before our eyes when we visited this family a few months ago ... Ah, Nino, a wonderful little girl with eyes a completely adult person ... "Would you see these eyes when your representative brought her a computer ... I can’t describe in words, no one has ever been so happy about anything ..." says Maya.
- "Aunt, I don’t want anything, I don’t want anything at all, if only my mother would get to her feet, she would stand up, I believe in it!" - says Nino. Friends, if you close your eyes, it will seem to you that an adult, serious girl is talking to you!
At the sight of us, her lovely, childish face lit up with a beautiful smile and she pulled me to show her wealth: a new gas stove, TV, refrigerator, and most importantly - a computer! “You know, I use it only for study, not for games, take care of it like the apple of an eye.” This is a very expensive thing, and even a gift! I so dreamed about him! .. Watch my beloved mommy rejoice. She cannot move, but I know for sure when I am happy, and she rejoices with me! ”
- Maya, tell us how your life has changed after we published an article about you?
Maya: Oh, there is nothing to describe in words ... We had nothing at all, and now thanks to you, we have everything ... Our refrigerator is never empty, my beloved girls now have their own sofa, TV, gas stove, refrigerator ... When your employee brought the computer, Nino had such a reaction, I thought with joy, she would lose consciousness ... You know, life has developed so that we often have to ask for help, but even after the television show, there was no such response as after Your article. God bless your foundation! May God give health, happiness and long life to everyone who has even the slightest relation to him, I am so grateful to all of you, and most importantly to your readers, our compatriots, I do not have enough words!
- And what was the most memorable? Do you remember the names of the people who helped you?
Maya: You know, so many people have come, brought us food and clothes for Nino ... I really don’t remember the names, let them all forgive me, and they know, my granddaughter and me, we pray to God every day for their health and well-being. I am grateful to everyone with all my heart ...
The first to come from the Albion school, they brought a TV, food ... Terra Bank paid great attention to us, they really helped us a lot and made us happy. They brought us a fridge! And many more products. You know, my Nino was so dreaming of a mobile phone ... Imagine a bank employee, Mariam Kuchua, made her a New Year surprise and presented her with a phone. Another wonderful woman came to us, Manana. Unfortunately, I do not know her last name. She arrived with her son in a huge jeep. You know, they barely unloaded the car! There was just a sea of food! And most importantly, they brought my girl’s favorite treat, juices! A huge package of juices ... Our joy simply knew no bounds! They also came from a classical gymnasium, helped us with products.
On the Internet, a Georgian immigrant in Greece, Nino Ormotsadze, found out about us, at her request, our compatriots living there collected a sum for us, now she regularly sends us money for groceries. May God grant them all good health, we forgot what hunger is! You have done the impossible. But thanks to you, we have food. I save the money that they send from Greece to rehabilitate my daughter ... We managed to conduct only an incomplete course, made three injections, but they gave a good result.
- Did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Did they ask about your condition and help with something?
Maya: No ... They ignored us. But now, after the pandemic was announced, the assistant to the head of the municipality, Levan Japaridze, brought us a package of essential products. And we are grateful to them for that!
- Tell us about your emotions.
Maya: I have no words ... I experienced so much pain and suffering, my daughter’s illness crippled me, and I didn’t want to live honestly. But here is my meaning of life - my Nino, I must put her on her feet. This angel deserves a decent life! Faith in God supported me, and you returned me faith in the future! You have proven that it can still be good! After your employee left, I felt that something good would happen, there was so much warmth and participation in it. I am grateful to her, for sincere compassion, for support, for the kindness that shone in her eyes. I want to say special thanks for this! You know, when your employees brought me presents, I wanted to hug them and scream so that Jesus would hear my voice in heaven!
- Maya, what do these help and support mean to you personally?
Maya: I was waiting for help, but Nino and I didn’t expect such surprises ... Such surprises ... such sincere support! I want to tell you, your Fund helps not only in deed, but also in word. You literally pulled us out of the abyss of despair! They instilled faith in us again!
- With your permission, I’ll talk with Nino. Nino, how are you presents, are you glad?
Nino (10 years): Now I can do my homework normally, I have a computer, a real one! We have everything! So much food, I saw only in the store! All the furniture is old, and does not belong to us, and now we have a comfortable, new sofa, it’s convenient for grandmother to cook on a new gas stove, and I help her. When she cooks, she always remembers you with a kind word!
- Which of the gifts made you most happy?
Nino (10 years old): When they brought me the computer, I thought I would go crazy with joy. I so dreamed about him. I had a school beech, but it worked poorly and slowly. Now, I can do the tasks quickly and easily, and also my mother and grandmother can communicate over the Internet with our friends from Greece. I take care of him, he is dear to me as a gift, and he also costs a lot of money ... And also my New Year's gift from Marie, a mobile phone. We had everyone in the class except me, I dreamed about him so much!
- Tell me how you felt when you received gifts.
Nino (10 years old): Now I’m almost completely happy ... We have everything, my grandmother is happy, I know that mommy is definitely happy too! It turns out that there are so many good people in the world, they came and brought us so much! What I dreamed about for so long, my favorite goodies! Mommy will get up and I will be completely happy! ..
“What else do you want?”
Nino (10 years): I want my mother to be healthy ... She is my life!
- Nino, do not be shy, maybe toys, sweets, you have your birthday soon, June 23, right?
Nino (10 years old): I don’t know, I want my mother to speak and congratulate me ... And also, my grandmother and I often dream that we will have our own, at least tiny, but clean and bright room ...
- Maya, maybe you have some other problems, in the solution of which our readers can help you ...
Maya: You have radically changed our lives, how can I ask for anything else? Yes, and times are difficult now ... I am glad that my daughter and granddaughter have their own things, equipment and household items ... They have something to eat and put on ... Here we have beds, and a chest of drawers so that things do not lie on the heap ... I have a pipe dream, I don’t want to leave this life, not knowing that my dearest and dearest girls are comfortable ... I just dream that we would have at least a tiny, but our own room ...
       A sea of emotions, and tears of happiness! Only thanks to your kind hearts, another family found out what joy is! The Lord is great, and he does good with the hands of man, with yours and ours, friends!
And if it’s hard for you because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, get distracted for a second and look at our posts in the FB. Better yet, dial the phone number of any of our beneficiary. Call him and forget all your problems. Because they are “nothing” in comparison with those to whom you opened your good heart and came to the aid in the most difficult moment of his life.
Our problems are nothing in comparison ...! Here it is - real grief! It is in front of your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
Unfortunately, the problems of this and other families do not end, so from time to time, look at the stories of unfortunate people on our website, talk to them. Each time, dialing the phone of the next unfortunate - on the reverse side you will definitely feel God's blessing! Sure! Help these families continue! This is the best service to the Lord!
 Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything yourself!
Friends, thank you all again!
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Let us think that, while helping others, we take care of our soul and come closer to the Lord precisely through the sufferings that we experience for others!
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