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The Holy Fathers...! They are among us! Thank God!

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December 25, 2019
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He takes care of two children alone - a 14-year-old daughter and a ten-year-old son who suffers from epilepsy.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

Little Saba's happiness will be returned to you a hundredfold

  Believe and according to your faith be it unto you… Ask, and it will be given to you… These biblical truths, uttered every evening in Oleg's prayer at the bedside of his sick son, gave the unfortunate father the strength to courageously face the coming day. The day when his flesh and blood, 11-year-old Saba, would wake up and not be able to hug his father or run after his sister to meet a new day and the sun…

  11 years, every day…  Believe and according to your faith be it unto you… Ask, and it will be given to you…

  – These words and the faith itself are the only things that give me strength. No, I am not talking about strength to take care of Saba: I'll never run out of energy for that!!! I'm talking about strength not to give up to life, despair, and our routine.

And so, my prayers were answered. What happened to us after applying to the Chernovetskyi Fund changed our lives beyond recognition! I bow to the earth and thank you to everyone who did not pass by... – These words of the father, who is raising his son Saba with epilepsy and cerebral palsy and his beautiful 14-year-old daughter Mariam, all alone, are reflected in Oleg's happy eyes with genuine gratitude.

  – Oleg, could you share, what has happened?

– We have our own roof over our heads and we no longer need to wander in other people's premises! Our relative had an unfinished house, he suggested me to move in there and live there with the children. But it was just bare walls with windows and doors. My relative didn't have the money to finish the construction, and I didn't have the money either… After all, we only live with Saba's pension and the social security.

The money that the friends of the Fund donated to Saba and our family allowed me to put the house in order, adapt it for life, and finally move out of the rented apartment. Now Mariam has her own room, and Saba and I can comfortably fit in one together – because it is impossible to leave him unattended.

 And most importantly, Saba is happy! He now has not only a house, but also a courtyard where he can sit for hours and enjoy the sun!

– What exactly did you manage to do in the house?

– We bought building materials, plastered the walls outside and inside, insulated the house with foam, equipped the rooms a little, and most importantly, the bathroom. It is very difficult to bathe Saba; I had to heat water in a pot, put the child on my lap and pour it onto him from a bucket. There was no other option as we had no hot water or shower.

Now, thanks to you, we have both. In the bathroom, we installed a hot water tank, a watering can, laid tiles, and installed a sink.


Yes, and now I have a dishwasher! I don't like washing dishes! And there is never enough time for this – I need to be with Saba all the time and there are thousands of things to do. Now the dishwasher is in charge, so I let it do its job.

– Tell me, did anyone call you after our publication, come personally, or help you in any way?

– Certainly. We have so many new friends! Ordinary people came with food and gifts for Saba, and Mariam was not forgotten either…

Representatives of "Orbi" construction company came and gave us 600 lari. They also gave us some tips on home improvement and a little help. Let God give you strength and luck!

In March, employees of another construction company brought us 500 lari and a huge amount of food.

And there were lots of ordinary people! I couldn't even remember the names of all of them. Sorry! But I was so filled with happiness and joy that my mind was unable to remember anything…

They brought food, money, clothes, even washing powder and soap. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for each of them. May the happiness of my children return to them a hundredfold!

Yes, another family of immigrants who now live in Israel, transferred money to us. I don't even know their names: the money was brought by their relative who lives in Batumi. He said that the emigrants, after reading our story on the Internet, decided to help us without giving their names. Holy people…

– Did the local authorities react to our post in any way? Did someone come and ask how to help you?

– No, there was no one. Although, I must say that the authorities have not completely forgotten about us, but they do not spoil us. We were once helped with a stroller for Saba. The city hall of Batumi allocated an amount, and we bought a stroller. This, of course, helps us a lot. Saba can walk, or rather I take him for a walk in this stroller.

– Oleg, I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I want to ask – did your wife get in contact with you? Didn't she at least call?

– Not me. She has spoken to Mariam, and she knows that we live in our own house now. I'm not angry with Nana for leaving me and the kids… I know she loves them, but Nana is just a sick and weak person… We are now talking about a miracle that happened to our family and I do not want to return to the sad and painful topic. I love the mother of my children; I don't hold a grudge against her. Let her be healthy, and if she can, let her be happy…

– Well, Yes… Let's talk about the good stuff again. What does this help and support mean to you personally?

– It's impossible to describe with words. Perhaps no words can convey the gratitude that I feel. It was so difficult for us… After all, I can hardly work – I have to take care of Saba all the time. Once I tried to work at night, using the time when the children are asleep, but it did not last long: if I did not to sleep at night and during the day, it became impossible to carry my son in my arms. I almost dropped Saba once… I had to give up trying to start working. And hiring a nanny, as you can imagine, is an impossible luxury for us.

And rented apartments? Enormous expenses ate up our entire meager budget. And now I use this money for the children, for treatment, and for Saba's medicine…

– Can you, instead of your son, tell us about his emotions?

– After all, all this: my appeal to the Fund and the publication of our story – was done for the sake of Saba. He is helpless, unable to walk on his own, although I try to keep his muscles from relaxing, trying to lead him around the room, supporting him by the armpits. But he immediately sags and asks to put him back.

  Of course, he is also happy that now he has his own house, his own yard, spacious rooms and a bathroom. I am glad to have people's attention, because when we get a call or our new friends come, they ask us to talk to Saba and say kind words to him. And even if Saba can't answer them clearly, his smile speaks for him. If you could see what a smile he has! It lights up everything! It is the meaning of my life!

– What does Mariam say?

– Oh, Mariam has her own room now, and the girl needs her own room. This is her world, which she doesn't want us to enter. There she studies, draws, reads... This is her world as I said. And I'm happy that my girl is happy.

– Mariam, tell me how you're doing.

Mariam (14 years old): Thank you, very well. I never had a room of my own, but now I do. My own bed and a place to study. I can invite my friends here, talk to them, and share secrets with them.

– Which of the gifts pleased you the most?

Mariam (14 years old): The dishwasher. Dad doesn't like to wash dishes, and I'm the only woman in the house, and I had to do it. Now my dad and I are saved, so we don't have to worry about dirty dishes in the sink.

Thank you very much for all that you and our new friends have done for us, for food and clothes, for all the gifts… For paying attention to us and changing my life with Saba and dad.

– What do you think Saba would tell me?

– I know for sure, he would have hugged you and asked you to tell everyone that he is very grateful! It means a lot to be able to be in the yard, and not sit in four walls.

– Do you and Saba need anything else? Is there anything else our readers can do to help you?

– If I could, I'd ask for a computer. I know that everyone helped us a lot and thanks to this we were able to renovate this house. So I'm not comfortable asking for anything else. But, I am very far behind in the school curriculum due to the fact that I do not have a computer. After all, classes are now held online, and I have to go to my friends to do my homework.

– I think that your wish will be heard and fulfilled. Oleg, do you still have any unresolved problems?

– The only thing I dare ask for is help with Saba's bed. We sleep in the same bed with him, and it is very inconvenient for him.

I can handle the rest myself. You gave me a chance to breathe, to live under my own roof and not spend money on rented apartments. You showed me a path that I can already follow. And this is the most important. And thanks to you, our family has made so many friends who I am sure will stay with us till the end. I'll say one thing:

My fellow Georgians and your Fund have changed our lives forever!


And if you feel heavy at heart because of everyday problems, or unresolved issues, take a moment to look at our posts on FB. Better yet, dial the phone number of any of our beneficiaries. Call him and forget all your problems. Because they are "nothing" compared to those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of his life.

Our problems are nothing compared to theirs! Here it is, a real grief! It is before your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, the problems of this and other families do not end, so from time to time view the stories of unhappy people on our site, talk to them. Every time you dial the phone of another unfortunate person, you will definitely feel God's blessing on the back side! It is for sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

 Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything!

Dear friends, thank you so much once again!

Here is the account of our Fund:

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Sakartvelos Bank:   GE64BG0000000470458000

Purpose: the Shainidze family

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Let's think that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to the Lord through the very sufferings that we experience for others!

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