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I do not want any toys or gifts, just save my mom

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March 16, 2020
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Marina, - the mother of this wonderful baby, - a very shy woman - seriously ill for leukemia
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

You saved my dear mother!!!

- Eight-year-old Giorgi shouts joyfully when he sees us entering his home.

Mom Sophia echoes him: “I am still alive and when I wake up, the first thing I think about is that I and my little son are not alone in this cruel world!  Because we are in Georgia, surrounded by kind people - Georgians - my compatriots."

“In my serious condition, waking up every morning after a short nap and realizing that I am still alive is a great happiness! I am sincerely grateful to all those people who responded to my trouble! Without regular visits to the doctor and tests, expensive drugs, I would hurt the hearts of my greatest friends - the hearts of my family members! Many thanks again to everyone!" - Sophia exclaims with tears of joy in her eyes. 

But nothing beats the joy of 8-year-old Giorgi, for whom you all became real heroes who saved his dear mom! For him, you are cooler than all wizards, all Santa Clauses and Papa Noels! Because you made his most cherished dream come true - you gave his mother chance to live!

"Mom is the first word, mom is the main word in everyone’s life!" - these are words from a famous children's song. There is, perhaps, no person in the world who would be closer and dearer to us! For the sake of your dear mother, you should try to move mountains!

This is exactly what eight-year-old Giorgi Kochlamazashvili managed to do! You certainly remember the story of the little boy who wrote letter to Santa and asked him for only one thing - not to let his mother die! We told you this touching story in a post: “I do not want any toys or gifts, just save my mom!” You heard the child's request, and thanks to the friends of the Fund and our kind compatriots, Sofia Bliadze, a leukemia patient, the mother of a wonderful boy, still has a glimmer of hope. Now she can play a little longer with her wonderful son, look at his smile, see how he grows, watch from the window how he kicks the ball with the boys, how happy he is when new family friends call them!

 The eyes of Marina - Sofia’s mother-in-law - shine like diamonds. Loving “mother” never leaves her dear “daughter” alone.

“I want to thank everyone who did not leave my Sophia without attention! Compared to her condition, my health problems - bronchial asthma attacks and arrhythmias - are just a piece of cake! Thank you very much to all those who supported us in such a difficult time”! - thanks us Marina.

- Sofia, how did your life change after we have published an article about you?

Sofia: It has changed... Yes, you just saved Giorgi's mother! Of course, a ray of hope never faded in me, but routine consultations, tests, medications, transportations are associated with huge expenses, and we just didn’t have that money! Unwittingly we just started to lose heart! Without the help of the friends of the Fund, I would not have been able to continue the treatment - the major part of the funds raised were transferred to the clinic's account. But I have another part still left so that I can again seek help from the doctors who have become my friends! Imagine, they call me almost every day and ask me about my health, my attentive Nana and Elena! Unfortunately, I often have not got any good news for them, but their attention is so nice!

- We are very happy that you made new friends, although we know that your best friends are your family. But doctors are probably not the only people who showed attention to you and became your friends?

Sofia: Thank God, they are not the only friends!  I call a friend everyone who did not remain indifferent to my misfortune! Once again, I want to thank all those who showed their mercy!

- Do you remember the names of those people?

Sofia: Unfortunately, I do not remember all the names. But for sure I can call the employees of the Fund - my friends. I especially remember Dato, who came to visit us. Giorgi became so attached to him that this year he broke the old tradition - he wrote a letter to him, and not to Santa! I even learned this letter by heart, can you imagine? “Dear Uncle Dato! I am still eight years old, and this year I decided to make an exception. My addressee is not Santa, but you - an employee of the Fund!

Through you, I would like to thank all those people who helped me - they just saved my mom! And yet - say thank you in advance to all those who will lend us a helping hand! Uncle Dato, thank you so much! "

I would like to thank every benefactor once again - with the money they donated we managed to buy a lot of foodstuffs - in my case, nutritious food is extremely important! Oh, I almost forgot! A gas heater you gave me really came in handy this cold winter! Thank you very much to the friends of the Fund for saving us from freezing to death!

- Did our publication manage to reach the hearts of the mighty of this world? Maybe they started to pay you at least a social allowance to you?

Sofia: Imagine, there was no reaction on their part. My mother-in-law even applied to the local government for the second time, presented documents that there were two dire patients in the family, and that no one was working. The employees shook their heads, saying that we are not eligible. Although, as Marina told me, their glances were saying that it is our family who should be eligible for help. Only after the Fund's project was over, in early November, the Tbilisi City Hall transferred 343 GEL to our account, and then gave Giorgi 50 GEL - but with the last amount, we could not even buy a bag of flour to be able to make bread for at least one month.

- We are very sorry. But let's not think about sad things! Please describe your emotions when the first amount was credited to the Fund's account.

Sofia: I was just amazed - my eyes were shining with happiness! I have always felt the kindness of people close to me, but I never imagined that strangers could have such open hearts! Especially since we completely lost hope when the local government refused to help us, and we did not have the funds for treatment! But the friends of the Fund worked a real miracle - they paid for all the medical services in the clinic and made all of us happy! Many thanks again to all!

- Now I would like to talk to Giorgi, please. Giorgi, which of the gifts did you like the most?

Giorgi (8-year-old): The greatest gift for me were the people who saved my mother! I will always be grateful to those who will not leave us in trouble! That is why I wrote a letter of thanks to David! Thanks again to everyone!

- Giorgi, you are a very kind and brave boy! Do you have any hobby?

Giorgi: Yes, of course, I really like reading. The books are the best gift for me. But the friends of the Fund managed to guess one more hobby of mine - I really love to play with cars, and they gave me such a beautiful car!

- What makes you happy? What is your cherished dream?

Giorgi: My most cherished dream is my dear mommy to be healthy! Unfortunately, she often lies, she feels weak, she cannot play with me for a long time! But I believe that one day she will wake up healthy! I often imagine this and hope that this dream will very soon come true!

- It will come true - the main thing is to believe! Thank you for everything you do for your mom! Now I would like to talk to your grandmother. Marina, your daughter-in-law has already told us that, unfortunately, your health condition has deteriorated significantly. How can we help you?

Marina: I have not thought about myself for a very long time, although lately, my asthma attacks have become more frequent. I just want to help my "daughter".  Unfortunately, she has to visit the clinic every month. Over the past year, the price for medical services has significantly increased: we used to pay 980 GEL for a certain package of services, and then this year the amount has increased to 1242 GEL! My only dream is that the mother of my Giorgi would be safe and sound! If not for the employees and friends of the Fund, she would not have lasted a year! Many thanks to everyone who did not pass by our grief!

- Who do you especially remember from your new friends?

Marina: I will not stop thanking everyone who saves my grandson’s mom! I would not like to single out someone, but the story of one kind soul just moved me. Nino, unfortunately, I do not remember her surname, has read a post about us on a social network - so she contacted us and cheered us up with her kind words. After a while, Nino called us and said that she really wanted to come to visit us, but could not, so she left the painkillers for us at the pharmacy in the village of Velistsikhe! We did not manage to collect the medications immediately, but then we found a way to get to the village. We are very, very grateful to her and to everyone who opened their kind hearts to us!

- Thank you for your time. Now I will return to Sophia. How else our readers can help you?

Sofia: I don't want to sound ungrateful - kind people have done so much for me! But I have to visit the clinic every month! My mother-in-law has already told you that medical services have become much more expensive! I just don't know what to do next! But, again, I do not want to seem ungrateful! Thanks again to everyone who helped me! There is nothing more valuable in the world than health! Appreciate it! And be healthy!

Friends, if you saw how the son and “mother” never leave Sophia's bed even for a minute, you would certainly do everything possible and impossible so that the torch of hope lit in their hearts never goes out! Unfortunately, their beloved and dear person still needs help: regular laboratory tests and medical consultations, expensive medications and pain relievers, good nutrition - all this will surely save the child's mother! So, let's continue following the call of our hearts, it is in our power to keep their family idyll lasting for many years! It is in our power to relieve Sophia of pain, to alleviate the suffering of a poor mother, to give her the most precious thing - life! Nobility and mercy are two important qualities that allow us to call ourselves Georgians! Let's continue to do good, and someday the good will certainly return to us!

  In our little Georgia, we are simply obliged to love and protect each other.

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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