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Mom! Hurry, hurry, come here! He is crying again, it hurts him!

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September 24, 2020
- Maka (13-year-old) calls her mother for help, she can't stand to see her one-year-old brother Nika suffering. The baby was born premature, he spent two months at an intensive care unit, he has two hernias and a neurological disorder. His mother Lela (30 years old) has no means for his treatment and is ready to die of her own helplessness!
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

She helped us and the Lord gave her a child!

- Mommy, do we have “guti”?

- Get up, dear! We have banana and chocolate “guti”.

- But my ducky hasn’t woken up yet. Will you give her “guti” too?

- I will give "guti” to you and to your “uti”. Get up, Nikusha.

Now we will translate it from Nikusha's language. "Guti" is yogurt, his favorite food. He pronounces it that way because is more convenient for him. Nikusha is 2 years old. Well, "uti" is his plush toy, which one of our readers gave him. Nikusha has new toys, his sister Maka has beautiful new clothes, and their mom got new home appliances. But there is one priceless gift you made - it is a contribution to their health!

  Let Lela tell you how their life has changed after the publication “Mom!  Hurry, hurry, come here!  He is crying again, it hurts him!”

She received so many calls from kind, amazing people, she got tremendous moral and financial support, and priceless gifts for her children!

Nikusha - the examinant of the new refrigerator and happy Lela and Maka

- Lela, what happened after the post was published? Readers are eagerly awaiting for news from you.

Lela: I am lost. It's so hard to me to find words of gratitude. How to express gratitude to each of you who helped us? No matter what I say, it will still be not enough! God bless you all! How would we have endured autumn and winter without you?! My children had no clothes, I had no washing machine, I had to wash things with my hands, and my back hurt. You probably remember - I have problems with my spine, it aches. Sometimes I was even about to faint. You took care of my kids and me.

Most importantly, there are no more health risks for my children! Finally! My son Niko had been operated on an inguinal hernia. Then he had three massage sessions. My poor one, he couldn't walk normally. Now there is only one massage session left and then he will be operated on an umbilical hernia. Maka will be operated on her tonsils at the Iashvili clinic.

This is how we are doing. Thanks to you, so many good changes happened to us, we feel only good and lucid vibes coming from you.  You made me feel that I am not alone in this world... It was very important. Of course, there are still some unresolved problems, but I believe that with God's help and the help of kind people, perhaps we will sort them out someday. But you already can call it a miracle - the things that happened to us!

- Would you like to single someone out from your new friends?

Lela: Immediately after the post was published, two sisters - Salome and Tamuna (I don't know their last name) - called me. They read about us on Facebook and decided to call us. As it turned out Salome used to be in a similar situation: her child spent some time in an incubator, like Niko. Salome said that she knew very well what I had to go through. She and her sister organized a fund raising among their relatives and friends - they brought clothes for children, toys, a stroller, a highchair, and donated us some money. They called us almost every day, asking about our health and our needs. They helped us immensely! When Niko was operated on for the first time on his inguinal hernia, we had to pay some extra 50 GEL at the reception (It popped up somehow.) It happened so that I had no cash, and Salome paid for me. I will always be grateful to the sisters - I will never forget their kindness and responsiveness!

All the time, since this project began, we have been surrounded by amazing people. Many called us just to say warm words, because not everyone is able help and support financially. I clearly understand, the time is not easy now... The phone did not stop calling! I received about 80 calls! I am surprised, I am happy!

I remembered the woman who was one of the first to respond - she transferred me some money. But I can't remember her name, let her forgive me! A few days later, she called me again.  She was very excited. She cried and laughed at the same time - she was overwhelmed with emotions. As it turned out - she had dreamed of a child for many years but all in vain - she could not get pregnant. But after a routine visit to the doctor, she found out that she was pregnant!!!

She was very happy! And I was happy for her! We cried together! It's a miracle! The Lord heard her prayers and gave her a child she wanted so much. My son Niko was born in September, and this woman is expecting her first child in September too...

I'm not going to lose my new friend. I have her phone number, and, of course, I will call her to find out about all the news.

Many readers have helped us. How to mention all of them and not miss anyone?

- Thank them all at once. Tell them what you feel and think, tell them what their help and support mean to you. And everyone will realize that you are talking exactly about them.

Lela: My dear new friends! I addressed the Fund when we were sinking. It was very scary - there was nothing to eat, nothing to live on, the children were ill, I lost my job (my cleaning job), I did not know what to do. Helplessness was choking me. I was already going crazy. You pulled us out of this hell!

Many thanks to you! I will never forget that till the end of my life. Thanks for everything you've done! Thank you for your prompt

response, for your support, love, understanding! Thank you for being responsible!

Finally, we learned what a normal life means. I couldn't buy or borrow dairy products for Niko - yogurt or a jar of matsoni. We had no refrigerator, there was nowhere to store food. And he wanted it so much!

Look how many "guti" I have!

 It's a pity that we can rarely afford it. He fell in love with the new refrigerator, all the time he is looking for "guti" there. Niko is a baby, but he understands that the refrigerator is a useful thing.

"And I am no longer a crybaby"

And I'm just happy of my new washing machine. My back is happy, it does not rebel anymore and does not arrange pain attacks. I have problems with my spine, the distance between the vertebrae is 8 millimeters. Nikusha used to be afraid of the washing machine, especially when it was buzzing! (smiles) He ran away and covered his ears. Obviously, my child has never seen such a thing before. Now he got used to it and sometimes even puts something inside, helps me to load it. (smiles)

Mom Lela: "My boy really got calmer now."

God bless all the people who helped us, may their life path be easy and bright! Health to you all!

- Nikusha, will you show me what do you have in your hand? What kind of toy?

Lela: Come here, sweetheart. (Niko walks up to us.) Look what a ducky we have! Oh, he does not part with this duck, he even sleeps embracing it. As soon as he wakes up, he will first check if the duck is nearby, and only after that he gets out of bed. The child missed toys; he had not had such a fest for a long time. He also has a truck, and he drives it around the house. My daughter also liked the gifts you brought her but let her tell herself.

Maka: Most of all I was glad that my brother was operated on. This was the greatest gift for us. We were worried about him. And now Niko cries rarely and walks better than he used to. Thank you very much for everything! And thanks that I will be operated on! They will cut out my tonsils - they bother me a lot, I have sore throats all the time, and I get tired quickly. My legs ache.

I really liked the new clothes that you gave me. My mood changed completely! My classmates always came to school wearing different clothes, and I used to wear the same clothes all the time. I didn't want to go to school anymore and was glad that everything was online and no one would see me. The girl must have nice outfits.

“I'll help my mom and go for a walk. I'll show my new dress to my friend”

- Sure, dear! Everything will suit you, Maka, be sure! Well, have you any fear before the operation?

Maka: A little bit. But my mother says that I will rest, I will get rid of my problems. And I will not be such a sissy - my throat will not hurt after a glass of cold water. I will have to endure a week after the operation. I will be operated on in the Iashvili clinic.  I think everything will be fine.

- For sure, how could it be otherwise! We all really liked your drawings and poems. Have you created anything new?

Maka: I need a mood to write poems. I'm not in a poetic mood right now.

- Why?

Maka: I miss my second brother, I want to see him and hug him, but he lives with our grandmother - the mother of our father. Sometimes he calls us, we talk. He says that he feels good there, but if he comes to visit us for a while, our grandmother may not accept him back. He called me on my birthday and said that he wanted to be with me that day. I dream of the time when we can all be together.

- Everything will be alright. We really wish it!

Lela: I miss my son. I hope the day will come soon when I can kiss all three of my children goodnight. I live in hope until then.

- Lela, was there any response to the publication from the authorities? Did the officials start doing anything at all?

Lela: There was no response either before or after. We simply do not exist for them. People help us, not the authorities and official organizations. I will tell you one case. We don't have a home, and we move from one apartment to another. Once, a landlady kicked us out from her home. I didn't know where to go with little Niko and Maka in my arms. Out of despair, I went straight to the Tbilisi City Hall. There I told them about our situation - that we have nowhere to even spend the night. Their response was that they could not help us in anything, although there are some programs for the homeless people. But to get to the shelter, you need documents, time, etc.

I left the building, sat on the curb, and began to cry. And then the guys from the city hall security suddenly came up to me. They took money out of their pockets and tried to comfort me:  "Maybe this will help in some way?" That's it! And officials never help you.

- Lela, are there any unresolved problems that bother you? Trust our readers again. How can they help you?

Lela: I am embarrassed to talk about my problems after you have done so much to us. I am so grateful to you, to every person who did not pass by our troubles! Unfortunately, there are still unresolved issues left. Partly it is because of the pandemic. They no longer call me to work - to clean the apartments, and, alas, we cannot live on social allowance. Our landlady has our social allowance card. Everything the state pays to us goes to cover our housing costs. I told you about the sisters Salome and Tamuna, they helped us a lot and paid the rent for several months.

Our landlady tries to put herself in my position, but I can understand her too. It is difficult for everyone now, that’s why everyone is fighting, first of all, for themself. She wants to rent the apartment to someone else. She spoke to me many times: “I feel so sorry for you! But what can I do?" I'm afraid that we will have to move again, to look for housing, to start all over again. It’s a pity for Maka, she doesn’t stay long in any school. Niko, of course, feels better, much better than before, but he does not eat well. He only loves formula from a pharmacy, which is expensive - it costs almost 15 GEL. We do not have the opportunity to cook diverse lunches. His weight is too law for the boy of his age. Niko still needs to be operated on an umbilical hernia. The pediatrician also recommended us to take scalp electroencephalography, but where to get the funds for that? That's all I'm worried about. 

I no longer think about myself. I had to pass tests, which, alas, are not funded, but I did not manage to. But I believe and hope that the Lord will not leave us, He has saved us many times. And I dare to believe that good people will not leave us either. Only God and good people. I will fight for the health and happiness of my children with all my might. Someday I will hug all three of them before going to bed!


Friends, Lela is open and frank with us. She speaks straight forward as it is. Both about joy and fears. People speak this way only with their loved ones, with the ones they trust in everything. This is the role you are already playing in her life. This is the way how they take care in Georgia!

We know that you feel Lela's mood without words, and you will continue to communicate with her and help her. You are the most responsible and reliable. And you are carrying out a very important mission.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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