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My daddy is the best!

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October 26, 2020
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Three-year-old Saba ran towards us barefoot on the ice-cold concrete floor ... An amazing love story, funny baby Saba and beautiful daughter Anna - that's all the wealth of the Kajaia family. But how strong they are in spirit and in their trust in God!
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Three-year-old Saba ran towards us barefoot on the ice-cold concrete floor ...

An amazing love story, funny baby Saba and beautiful daughter Anna - that's all the wealth of the Kajaia family. But how strong they are in spirit and in their trust in God!

All his life has been a struggle, and he is not going to give up!

Friends let me introduce Gia Kajaia (55-year-old), who has suffered cerebral palsy since birth. Terrible fate, isn't it? But despite a serious illness, Gia managed to start a family, he has two wonderful children - 3-year-old Saba and 14-year-old Anna, as well as a wonderful wife - Mari (40-years-old) – all of them just adore him. “My dad is the best in the world,” his daughter Anna confidently declares.

“There is nothing more important than the soul,” says Mari (40). - Having become Gia’s wife, I have never regretted it - on the contrary, this is God's blessing. I am the happiest woman in the world, because such a spiritual, sensitive and comprehensively educated person is next to me!"

Gia is 55 years old, he can relocate only in a wheelchair. It is difficult for him to speak, but he does not stop making plans and thinking about how to get his family out of poverty, because he has two angels - his children- and he must provide them a decent future. He needs a wheelchair for that, but a modern one, to be able to move around without any assistance.

His loving wife Mari addressed us believing in the kindness and empathy of her compatriots. She believes Georgia is a country where people with a big heart live, who will never leave a neighbor in trouble.

- Mari, tell me about your husband, please. Has he been sick since birth?

Mari: Yes, he has cerebral palsy. But this did not affect his mental abilities in any way. He has mobility and motor problems that worsened with age. He is helpless without a wheelchair, actually, he is locked at home and deprived of the opportunity to somehow brighten up his life. But he is a good-educated, comprehensively competent and spiritually rich person.

 - How can we help you right now?

Mari: My husband has been disabled since birth, but this did not prevent him from getting a good education, living a full life and even working! Together with his friend, Zaza Sikharulidze, they helped many people who found themselves in the same difficult situation as my Gia. Unfortunately, Zaza died 5 years ago, and my husband's condition has worsened with age. To live his life to the fullest, Gia needs a new electric wheelchair, and we have absolutely no opportunity to purchase one ...

- Mari, tell me, please, how did your family start. One can easily see how much love and warmth is between you!

Mari:(confusedly) I really got married for great love. And I am grateful to the Lord for sending me such a wonderful person as Gia. You know, when you come across such a rich spiritual inner world, you no longer notice the external flaws. I came to this house to work as a nurse right after my graduation. I graduated from the Faculty of Law, but did not manage to find a professional job, and Gia's parents were already elderly and unable to take care of him. I became so attached to him, it was always so interesting with him! After our wedding, Gia's mother said she doesn’t worry about her son anymore, because he is in good hands!

- And your family, how did they react to your choice?

Mari: My parents and brother are very religious people. They took it as a blessing of the Lord!

- Do you parents or relatives help you?

Mari: My parents are in their old age, they live in a village, and are engaged in agriculture ... They help us with food whenever they can. You know what life is like in the village. Gia has a brother David, he also tries to support us, but he has a family! He has two sons, they themselves have to survive somehow. I am very grateful to my husband's parents. His father, Melentiy, was a civil engineer. It is thanks to him that we have this apartment. Everything was fine while my father-in-law was alive. But unfortunately, he passed away 9 years ago, he suffered asthma all his life. But in the last days of his life, he managed to buy a TV and give it to my husband and me. And my mother-in-law passed away quite recently. May she rest in peace! She was a wonderful woman.

- We are so sorry! And did you address anybody for help? The local government, for instance?

Mari: We don't get enough points to be entitled to the social allowance, can you imagine that? Just look around, see how we live! There is a concrete floor, cellophane on the windows... But the social agency, apparently, thinks that this is OK for a normal existence... I have just re-applied now, maybe we will be assigned to the allowance this time. 

– What do you believe in? 

Mari: We are orthodox Christians. I used to go to church quite often, but I can’t manage it anymore because of the baby. However, I pray at home all the time. Everything in the world happens only by God's grace, and if you don't believe, life loses its meaning.

- Mari, do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Mari: Yes, of course! Sometimes, when Gia's wheelchair went out of order in the middle of the road, there always were some young people who carried him home in their arms!

- Tell me about your children, please.

Mari: Anna is our pride and joy! She is already in the 9th form. So single-minded, serious. Most of all she loves to learn foreign languages. Her father is perfect for her! She feels a strong spiritual support from him...

- Anna, can you tell me about yourself? You are already quite an adult. Have you decided which profession are you going to choose?

Anna (14-year old): To be honest, I have not decided yet about my profession. But I know for sure that I will learn foreign languages! I really like the Korean language, their culture is so different from ours ... And it's so interesting! Going to Korea and studying there is my dream!

- What are you dreaming about right here, right now?

Anna: I would love to have a computer. In the village, my uncle has a laptop, which I borrowed, when they introduced distance learning ... And there are so many interesting things on the Internet! 

– What else do you like doing?

Anna: To read, and also make rag dolls or knit and embroider together with mom. 

Mom told me that the Fund has a lot of good friends, and I would like to give a piece of kindness and gratitude from our family, but I don't know your address. Could you, please, help me with this? 

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a book that I had been eager to read - Five Steps from Parting. This was a wonderful gift for me. Have you read it?

- No, but I will definitely take your recommendation into account. Can you tell me about your little brother?

Anna: Oh, he's so cool! He does not speak yet, but he is already trying to repeat foreign phrases after me. For example, yesterday he got tired playing with his father and said: «Oh, my God!» (He said this in English). He is so funny... (happily smiles)

- What does he like, what does he ask for most often?

Anna: Cars! This is the only thing that interests him. Sometimes he watches musical cartoons, "Giraffe Jose", for instance. And he also loves all kinds of waffles, cookies ...

- What would you wish to all Georgian children, Anna?

Anna: First of all, purposefulness. So that they always achieve their goals. And, of course, health and lots of joy!

 - You will definitely achieve all your goals, Anna! Mari, you said that this apartment belongs to your family ...

Mari: Yes, thank God, my father-in-law managed to buy it, otherwise we would be left without a roof over our heads! But it needs major repair - cosmetic repairs will not be enough. We need to install windows, lay the floor - so, it’s a lot of money. Where can we get it? Our only income is my husband's pension. For the rest, we rely on my parents and Gia’s brother. Anna feels awkward that we live in such conditions, she is embarrassed to invite her friends to our home ... If Gia had a modern wheelchair, everything would change, he has great plans!

- How exactly can the wheelchair change your life?

Mari: Absolutely, in every way! First of all, my husband suffers lower back pain, because it is impossible to fix the spine correctly in his old wheelchair. He is limited in relocation even around the house, I have to help him with this. My daughter and I do needlework, embroider, knit jackets, weave handbags, and Anna makes rag dolls and decorates them with beads. One can sell all this, to have their own source of income and get out of the plight. Gia is very active, he could sell our crafts in crowded places where there are a lot of people and tourists. 

It would be wonderful to make a ramp so that Gia could get into the apartment without assistance. I am not getting younger, and I am no longer able to drag up the wheelchair even to the first floor.

- Do you have any other wishes?

Mari: God, how awkward it is to ask for help ... But for the sake of the family ... I would really like to have a washing machine. This would make my life much easier. Saba is quite a baby, he constantly needs attention, Gia cannot eat and dress on his own, there is a lot of housework, and it gets more and more difficult for me to do all the washing for my family by hand.

- How did you learn about our Fund?

Mari: Giorgi's brother, David, has contacted you Fund. He was advised by kind people to do that, they said that you really helped people. 

Believe me, if not for the extreme need, I would never have asked you for help. There are so many people living in poverty in our country. Gia and I have two minor children, we must somehow put them on their feet, we must somehow live. And our income is not enough for anything! Our biggest dream is that my husband and I could make our own living and not limit our children in everything. All our hope is for your Fund and for your good friends. We know, you have already made so many people happy! 

You are doing God-pleasing deeds, and the Lord will definitely reward you!


Friends, Gia Kajaia's family lives in poverty, and they really need our support. The family's only income is a disability pension, and, of course, this meager amount is not enough even to feed the children normally.

From his very birth, Gia Kajaia became a hostage to a terrible disease, cerebral palsy, but he hasn’t accepted that and he keeps struggling to live a normal, full life. He has two completely healthy, talented, wonderful children - Saba (3-year-old) and Anna (14-year-old), and Gia dreams to give them a decent future. It is in our power to help him with this, friends!

Gia urgently needs an electric wheelchair. With the help of it, he and his wife Mari will be able to keep the family. In addition to that, a ramp and a washing machine could make their difficult life much easier.

Call Mari, cheer her up and give her a hope for tomorrow: 599 032 355. 

Or visit the family at the following address: Tbilisi, Vazha Pshavela Avenue, 3rd quarter, Block 6B, Apartment 1.

 Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of the Kajaia family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(purpose: Giorgi Kajaia) 

You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link ( ).

We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Giorgi Kajaia’s family, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

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