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My little brother falls down on the ground like dead!

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November 3, 2020
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Tamari (10-year-old), a little beauty with sad eyes met us with these words. “You see, he turns black… I am so scared, that I run away, hide in a far corner and cry… But don’t tell my mother, okay? Are you kind? Mom said that you would come to help us!" - the child looks into my eyes trustingly ...
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The world's largest TV with cartoons

This is how little Saba and Nick call the gift brought by Fund. “Have you ever seen such a huge TV? You can't even hug it! And they show the most interesting cartoons here! Not the usual ones, but beautiful and funny!" - little Nika shines with happiness and wants to share his joy with us! Here it is - happiness! Happiness has a face - the face of one-year-old Temur, 5-year-old Gela, 6-year-old Saba, 7-year-old Nika, 10-year-old Tamara, 13-year-old Ziran and 16-year-old Levan.

Mom Nana could hardly restrain herself from jumping from joy when we brought her a washing machine. Washing for seven children by hand in a cold water during winter is a nightmare.

But now let's get everything in order. Please, accept their gratitude! You should know that this is your merit - the merit of your kind hearts open to God.

When our Fund first visited this family four months ago, despair reigned there. It seemed that clouds covered the sky right above their house, which is about to fall apart by itself. Out of desperation, the mother of the family, Nana, addressed our Fund.

 We published her heartbreaking story not long ago. (

There are seven children in the Shengelia family. The eldest, Levan, is 16 years old, and the youngest, Temuri, is just one year old. There is also a sick child in the family - 5-year-old Gela suffers from epilepsy. The attacks happen quite frequently - the boy turns black, collapses, and his body starts to convulse. He needs medications, visiting doctors, and medical procedures. But his family cannot afford this. Nana and her husband do their best to somehow keep their children. Their only income is social allowance. But there is not enough money for either medications or food. Besides that, they have to pay for housing: the house where they live does not belong to them - they rent it since the family does not have one of their own.

Dear friends, all these months you stood next to us and did your best to help the Shengelia family. Thanks to your kindness, we managed to raise funds to support them. From the bottom of its heart our Fund thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent to the trouble of the Shengelia family - who at least once had called them and lent them a helping hand! Thank you very much!

- Nana, it's so nice to see you smiling! How did your life change after our publication?

Nana: Our life has certainly changed. Most importantly, we have a washing machine now. I still cannot believe that I will no longer have to hand wash things. My neighbors had pity on me all the time, they wondered how I washed things in cold water. I had to! Had I any other choice? I have a family, seven children. One of them is a one-year-old baby, and another is a sick child.

But now we have a washing machine and not only that. The TV that you gave us - the children are just delighted; they are very happy! They do not turn it off even for a minute. They watch cartoons, entertainment programs... Thanks to your Fund, it became possible to create normal living conditions for my children. I do not know how we would continue to live without your support and help. Sometimes we didn't even have a piece of bread at home. My husband and I in the first place, of course, took care of our children - we used to give food to them first. But what food? When you brought foodstuffs to us, the children finally ate their fill! It moved me to tears. What could be more pleasant for a parent than seeing their children eating their fill? Thanks to your Fund and to all good people who did not leave us in trouble,

- What would you like to tell them?

Nana: Many-many thanks to all! You brought us back to life and helped to believe that all is not yet lost. Whenever I do the laundry or when my children enjoy watching TV, I remember each of you who helped us, who did not remain indifferent to the problems of our family! I am grateful even to those who, having read our story, even thought about our family for a couple of minutes. You know, friends, God sees everything! God bless you!

- Nana, can you mention anyone special?

Nana: I am grateful to everyone! But I can still mention one couple - they came from Tbilisi and brought us a lot of foodstuffs. The woman said that she read our story on social networks. She and her friends raised money to buy all these foodstuffs for us - they wanted to help us. It was right before New Year. To be honest, we didn't have money to buy food for the holiday, and we didn't even know how we would celebrate the New Year. And then right on the eve these kind people came to us and brought us so much food! As if God himself sent them to us. How can one not believe in miracles after that?

- What does this support and help mean to you?

Nana: It’s very important to me! I will never tire of thanking you for helping us! It means a lot for my family and for me personally to know that we are not alone and that someone is worried about our problems. We feel support from strangers, and it helps us to feel ourselves protected.

- We are happy that you have got new friend! Nana, has there been any response from the authorities to our publication?

Nana: No, absolutely no reaction, like we don’t exist at all.

- Nana, may I talk to you children? Guys, who liked which gift more?

Nika: I liked everything, but especially - the TV. I watch cartoons all the time. It seems to me that I will never get tired of it.

Saba: And I won't get bored either!

Ziran: I've never seen such a big TV before! It is massive!

Tamara: I love watching cartoons. I also like to watch entertainment and music programs. But, you know, the thing that made me most happy is a washing machine you brought to my mom. She used to wash by hands, in cold water and I felt sorry for her! She was often sad about it. And now she smiles.

- Guys, don't you quarrel over TV, about what program to watch?

Levan: We don’t quarrel. Mom immediately advised us to learn to understand each other's desires and to compromise. For instance, I like to watch rugby. But, if my brothers and sister are watching cartoons, I don't bother them. As an adult, I need to compromise. They are still children.

- Nana, you have wonderful and loving children! You are very lucky! Are there still any unresolved problems in your family? Can we help you with anything else?

Nana: I am grateful for everything that all these kind people have done for us. It is embarrassing to ask for anything else. But, unfortunately, we’ve got a new problem now. Our landlord wants us to move to another location. We don't even know what to do and where to go. We already live like beggars, and now they are trying to kick us out of the house. You see for yourself, it's hard to call this place house - here are only two rooms where nine people huddle. But we have no other place to live and we have no money to rent anything better. I have no idea what to do!


Dear friends! Thank you very much to everyone who did not leave the Shengelia family in trouble. Each of us has our own problems. But remember that our troubles are sometimes not as terrible and terrible as the troubles of others. In this difficult time for all of us, we should not remain indifferent. If you can support the Shengelia family, lend a helping hand to them, take a step - call them, ask if they need anything. There are seven children in the family, and poor Gela needs medications, medical consultations, and special care. Children are our future, the future of our country and nation. Let’s keep helping the Shengelia family! Because today you help them, and tomorrow someone else will help you!

You can contact Nana yourself. Her phone number is: 555 24 25 21.

Address: Dedoplistskaro, 63 Tavisufleba street.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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