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When my son falls like dead, I want to die together with him!

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November 24, 2020
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“When my son falls like dead, I want to die together with him!” says Nunu (28-year-old), poor mother of 4-year-old Luka. "Each of his attacks is a test for me, and every time my heart stops ... When he falls to the ground, and his skin turns blue and cold, I just lose the ground under my feet."
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You brought us back to life and gave us hope

“It was our sweetest New Year. My children have never had so many yummies and sweets. You should have seen how happy they were! My heart was filled with happiness!" - says Nunu.

The woman smiles, she sometimes even stutters because of emotions. She says that the life of their family changed a lot after a post about them was written and published not long ago:

In Nunu - now glowing with happiness - it is impossible to recognize the poor woman who addressed our Fund in despair.

The problems that befell her family have almost beat the mother of three kids down. Her middle son is seriously ill - the child suffers from chronic epilepsy. Four-year-old Luka needs medications, medical examinations and special procedures. This requires quite considerable funds, which the family doesn’t have.

The family was already in an extremely disastrous situation: their house was crumbling, they had no basic appliances, their living conditions were unbearable. And there are two more little children in the family: Nika (6-year-old) and Isolda (18-month-old). Everyone needs attention of their parents. Nunu’s spouse lost the opportunity to earn money - the family lives on social allowance only. However, it is not enough to keep the children and buy medications for little Luka.

But thanks to you, our dear friends, we became able to help the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family and raised funds to purchase medications, medical supplies, and household appliances that the family needs so much. Our good friends and helpers have once again shown their generosity and magnanimity. Nunu smiles today thanks to your participation. You gave your love to her family!

Our Fund from the bottom of its heart thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent to the trouble of the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family, who at least called them; lent them a helping hand! Thank you very much!

- Nunu, could you please tell me, how did your life change after our publication?

Nunu: Everything has changed in our family. Now we have hope for a better future. Quite recently it seemed to us that we were at a dead end, and there was no end to our problems. Your Fund and all kind people have helped us tremendously. The very next day after the publication people started calling us, asking how we live. And you know, they still call us. And I'm not even talking about gifts, this is a separate topic - there were so many of them that I have no words! I even started crying when they brought us a refrigerator, washing machine, bread maker, bed linen and a lot of sweets for children. I couldn't believe until the very last moment that this was all for us!

But most importantly, your Fund has purchased a huge amount of medications and diapers for Luka. I have no words! My husband and I can now not worry about medications for a long time!

By the way, a few days ago they offered a job in Tbilisi to my spouse, and all this thanks to your Fund. Someone called him and said that he had read a post about us on social networks and knows that my husband was left without a job. And he offered a job to my husband. I hope everything will work out!

- We believe that everything will work out for you! Nunu, tell us in more detail about your reaction to the gifts.

Nunu: I was so happy! I even burst into tears of happiness. We didn't have a refrigerator at home. And now, thanks to you, I can prepare food for couple of days and not be afraid that it will turn bad.  They also gave us a bread maker. Not always we could afford to buy bread, because it is quite expensive, and all the funds were spent on Luka. Now I can bake fresh bread myself at home. What could be better for a child?!

But the washing machine was the most important gift for us. When there are three children in a family, there is no end to the laundry. I used to wash things by hands, and in addition to that I did it in the yard, in cold water.  This is terrible! And now I have a washing machine, which made my life much easier. While the machine works, I can spend more time with my children. Our bed linen was worn out - if it were not for kind people, we would not be able to purchase a new one. As you can see, there were so many things missing in our house. But you can't buy everything - you just have no money for that. Many thanks to your Fund and all the kind people who helped us! You brought us back to life and gave us hope!

Special thanks for making my children so happy, bringing them so many sweets!

- What sweets did the children like the most?

Nunu: They liked everything!It was the sweetest New Year in our family. The children were very happy and laughed all the time. And we, the parents, rejoiced with them. Children have never seen so many sweets. Real magic! It was a great holiday! (laughs.) By the way, on the New Year's Eve Santa came to visit us and he brought a lot of gifts for children: foodstuffs, school supplies, sweets, clothes, and shoes. They said that Santa was from Anuki Areshidze. And all this thanks to you! After your publication, they finally paid attention to us!

- Nunu, was there any response from the authorities to our post?

Nunu: No, unfortunately. Our local administration did not react in any way. They know about our problems since I have repeatedly addressed them for help. But their answer is always the same: "This is not in our competence." And in whose then? I have nothing else to say!

- And who called you personally after our publication? Maybe you remember their names?

Nunu: To be honest, I did not ask the names. First - because I was very much confused. I did not expect so many people to call me - the phone did not stop ringing. And second - do the names matter? It has been a great pleasure for me to just feel and see that someone worries about our family and our troubles, that there are so many kind people living in our small country! You know, it sometimes happens that someone’s call to just ask how you are doing can save a person, give him a feeling of support. And this is the most important thing!

- Do you remember someone more than others?

Nunu: Yes. A girl named Anna came to visit us. She said that together with their church they raised funds for us. Unfortunately, I don't know which church they were from, I only know that it was a local church. To be honest, I got a little bit confused and didn't ask. They brought us so many things! And before the New Year, someone transferred 200 GEL to us. Then he called me and said that I could arrange a holiday for the children and buy them gifts. Many thanks to all of them! And thanks to your Fund for giving us new friends!

- What does this support and help mean to you?

Nunu: They mean a lot to our family! I don’t know what would have happened to us without your support and help, without the attention of all these kind people. Friends, you helped us a lot, you gave us hope, and an understanding that we are not alone. Alas, I cannot express in words everything that I would like to say, how grateful I am to everyone!

- Nunu, can I talk to your elder son, please? Nika, did you like the gifts?

Nika (6-year-old): I liked everything! You brought us a lot of good things. Now we have a refrigerator and a washing machine. Also, mom will now bake bread and cookies for us. Mom is very happy and she smiles all the time. We had so many sweets for the New Year! They were so delicious! Santa had also come. He had never come to us before. And this time he came and brought us gifts.

- Nikusha, we are happy that you liked everything! Let's ask your mom what other help she needs. How can our readers help you?

Nunu: How can I dare to ask for anything else after all that you have done for our family? Thanks to your Fund and kind people, I won’t need to worry about medications and foodstuffs for a long time. And I am now embarrassed to talk about the unresolved problems, but, alas, there are still some. Once in about two months, Luka and I go to Tbilisi for procedures. You need a lot of money for that - only transportation costs are about 400 GEL, plus treatment costs. We do not have such funds. Besides that, I need to take the child to the doctor for all the necessary procedures so that he can be able to live on. I don’t know what to do.

Well, since we are talking about problems - Luca is a very active child, he has no sense of fear. He loves to climb on beds, wardrobes, and jump from above. Sometimes he lands in such a way that I'm afraid he will hurt himself. Therefore, I would like to buy some kind of mattress so that the child will land softly on it, and so that he does not break anything to himself.

- Nunu, what would you like to tell all those people who helped to raise funds?

Nunu: I want to express my gratitude! Thank you for everything you have done for our family - for joy and smiles, for gifts and hope! All this is priceless for us! My dear friends, I want to wish you all good health! God bless you all!


Dear friends! Thank you very much to everyone who did not leave the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family in trouble.  Each of us has our own problems. But remember that our troubles are sometimes not as terrible as the troubles of others. In this difficult time for all of us, we should not remain indifferent.  If you can support the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family, lend a helping hand to them, take a step - call them, ask if they need anything. There are three children in the family, and poor Luka needs special care too.  Children are our future, the future of our country and nation.  Let’s keep helping the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family!

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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