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Do you believe that I will be able to walk? Please, pray for me ...

December 15, 2020       3189
Nata (12 years old): Sometimes I close my eyes tightly, put my hands together and pray quietly. I imagine I can walk, run, visit my friend by myself and we go to church together! What if ... I would paint myself without a wheelchair. Without these wheels! Doctors say that I won’t be able to walk. And what do you think? I believe - God will hear me! Doesn’t he help kind little girls?
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- Yes, you are right! There is nothing impossible for God, the main thing is to really wish something! What happened to you? Why can’t you walk?

Nata (12 years old): Let my mother tell about it, and I will help her!

- Ia, what happened to Nata?

Ia: My poor daughter prays to God that someday she could walk ... You see, she was born with a severe diagnosis. She has cerebral palsy, spina bifida (congenital spine hernia), hydrocephalus ... Children with such diagnosis suffer a lot and usually are mentally retarded, but Nata is chosen by God! She is a very gifted girl with a kind heart and strong faith! The poor child has been operated many times on her spine, she has a shunt in her head that pumps out the excess of fluid in her brain caused by hydrocephalus. She cannot walk on her own, but God has mercy on us, and her development is in order. She's a very smart girl!

Nata: I am so smart, that I even go to school for special kids. And I draw very well. My teacher also says that I am smart and that one day I will become a famous Georgian artist. Do you want me to show you my drawings? Now mom and dad can't buy me paints and paper, and we don't have a TV, but I read about everything in books and when I draw, I become as light as a breeze. I want everyone to see our beautiful Georgia in my drawings ... Oh, if I only could see Tbilisi one day! And not just doctors and hospitals ...

- What a beauty! What do you like to draw the most?

Nata: Nature, flowers, sea ... I really want to learn how to draw portraits, I want to draw a friend of mine. I met her at school. She became very close to me, like a sister. I miss her so much ... I don't even have a computer or a telephone to communicate with her. It`s so frustrating! But I believe, I strongly believe in God’s mercy!

- And if you had a computer, what would you do?

Nata: First of all, I would watch all the videos about drawing! Then I would call my friend and we would chat with her! Oh, how I miss her! But I don’t have a computer and it’s unlikely that I will ever have it! I know we cannot buy it.

- Ia, what does your family live on?

Ia: Our only income is our daughter's pension. We do not get any social allowance. I used to work as a nanny, caring for seriously ill old people, but it is a very hard work, and I injured my spine. My husband is a hard worker, he worked as a loader, but then, because of the pandemic, he was left without a job. We found ourselves in a catastrophic situation. It’s very hard. For 200 GEL, I try to buy groceries for a month to be sure that my daughter will not starve.

- What do you need the most?

Ia: We really need diapers and hygiene products. Nata needs a bed with an orthopedic mattress, it’s vital. We have an old bed, and my daughter has a terrible back pain because of it. My dream is a washing machine, even an old one would be okay for me ... It's so hard to realize that you will never be able to buy the things that you need. (Cries)

- Ia, has your family always been living in poverty?

Ia: No. We used to have a big house, my husband worked, I worked too, our parents used to help us. But we had to sell everything for our daughter’s operations. In 2008 she was operated on her spine and in 2009 they put a shunt in her head...Since then we have not been able to get out of our plight. Our parents have become old, they are living on their pension. Our only hope is God and good people. Fortunately, we managed to buy a cheapest apartment, which, however, doesn't even look like a living space. But the main thing is that we are not in the street!

- Ia, almost whole Georgia will learn this story about your wonderful daughter Nata, so you can address our readers.

Ia: I do not know… the situation is so hard now, everyone has to think of himself and his family. But I want to ask for one thing, I ask each of you for support! Please, share this information, so that as many people as possible know about Nata. Definitely there will be wizards among them! I believe it! Nata believes that too.

Nata: Yes, the most important thing is to believe! So, I believe that I would be able to walk! I just need a little help!

Ia: If we could only take a rehabilitation course, and massages for Nata, it would be just wonderful. But you know, we don’t even dare to dream of this living on 200 GEL per month.


Friends, Nata believes in God, and God believes in you! All together we can work miracles. The main thing is that there are many of us and we also believe in a miracle!

And here is our answer to Nata's main question: "Do you believe that I will walk?" - "Of course, honey, you will walk, we believe in that!"

Call and talk to these wonderful people. You can visit them in person and help them. Their address is: Poti, 82 Zeragia Str, Phone: 555 25 60 13.

We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy! Unfortunately, no one is immune to loneliness and sickness.

Please, repost our publication, so that as many people as possible learn about the troubles of Nata Rokva!

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