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All kinds of illness, poverty, suffering fell upon this poor family ...

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January 27, 2021
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"I am not afraid of death, I am afraid for my daughter, for my husband, they are sick and cannot cope without me!" - Lela bursts into tears. A year ago, she was diagnosed with the last stage of cancer. It would seem, that nothing could be worse. But this is only a small piece of the grief that befell this kind Georgian family...
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When your life is hell, you see the Lord’s hand in any help!


After endless physical and mental experiences, the Kvitsiani family was illuminated by bright rays of good, and you, friends, became the main source of these rays! It’s you, who have opened your hearts to God!

What could be more terrible for a mother than realizing that she can do nothing to help her sick child? Or for a child - to see his mother dying and realizing that her days are numbered without help?

By the age of 14, Leila had been operated on for four times. She had an intestinal stoma, and her intestines were brought out to the side. But that's not all: she had a cyst removed on her ovary. The girl suffers an incurable bowel disease - she will have to take medications, follow a strict diet and endure terrible pain throughout her entire life. Her mother Lela found herself on the operating table due to stage 4 cancer, not even suspecting that her body was being eaten by this terrible disease for a long time!

“All kinds of illness, poverty, suffering fell upon this poor family..." - this was the title of an article about this family, which we published recently.

Lela, Merab, and their daughter Leyla have been suffering from unbearable poverty and pain for years, but thanks to you, dear friends, we managed to alleviate their sufferings and make a little holiday for them in these hellish days. Now they have lots of necessary home appliances, many people helped the sick mother with the necessary medications. Your kindness made the life of this family a little bit happier, but, unfortunately, the nightmare still continues...

- How did your life change after we have published an article about you?

Lela: After people like you became interested in the troubles of my family and published an article about us, many drew attention to us. I felt so much warmth and kindness. They helped us with medications, home appliances. Most of all I needed a refrigerator and a washing machine, and now I have them, thanks to you. Also, an anonymous man from Rustavi sent us a computer, and I am immensely grateful to him for that. People called us and asked us about our situation, and I felt a lot of warmth and responsiveness. Previously, I could not walk at all, but now I manage to get up for at least 1-2 hours a day - I could not even imagine that before.

"When you have to fight cancer, washing with hands in cold water turns into torture!"

- Who did you remember the most? Maybe you remember the names of those who lent you a helping hand?

Lela: They often called me and asked me about my condition - that made me feel very happy; but alas, I could not remember the names of those who called me. For the most part they helped me anonymously, and I want to thank all these kind people publicly.

"A washing machine bought with a donation gives hope even when there are these shabby walls in the background..."

– Did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Did they express any interest about your condition, did they provide you any help?

Lela: No, unfortunately. Taking into account my health condition, the state should fund a chemotherapy for me. I need to sort out all the paperwork for that.

“These are not just medications, they are like air for me!”

- What does this help and support of friends of the Fund mean to you?

Lela: Any person needs help and support, but I haven’t expected to get such feedback. Honestly! I felt that I wasn’t alone. The helping hand lent to me in a moment of despair gave me hope, which is the only life-giving force in my condition.

“It’s the first fridge in my life that works”

- How is your daughter’s condition now, did anything change in her life?

Lela: My girl's condition improved after I received positive news about my health. I feel like a mountain has been lifted off me. She is no longer that nervous, which, of course, had a positive effect on her psyche. My girl had to do be operated on for the fifth time: this time it was necessary to remove the cyst. And once again, you helped us with medications after that.

- Your husband used to have health problems as well. How is he doing now, did anything change since the Fund provided you help?

Lela: My husband takes the medication in stages: every two months he must take painkillers and other medications so that he does not need a surgery again...

“Medications are more important to us than food. For me, for my husband, and for my daughter”

- Lela, maybe you have some problems left that our readers could help you to solve?

Lela: I have not fully recovered, so after the new year I will need to take a staged course of chemotherapy.I will certainly need the support of kind people, because we have completely exhausted our financial resources. If not for you, only God knows what would have happened to us. Could you please help us with money? I will be immensely grateful if someone would help us with buying medications... I don't know what will happen to my girl or husband if I am gone. I am also worried by the fact that due to the pandemic, Leila has to study online, but the computer that they sent to us from Rustavi is rather old, and she cannot attend classes. I see how much she wants to study, but I have neither a phone nor a laptop, so the technical support will also make us very happy.

I am grateful to your Fund and to all those who helped me. Thank you, a lot, for everything! I could not even imagine that such good people exist. You are my only hope!


If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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