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Like crucified Jesus... His hands are bleeding all the time!

Jambul: “I always have blood on my hands, and when I squeeze my fingers it hurts so much... But the worst thing is not even a blood, but that I suffocate during attacks. I am very scared, and my mother gets scared as well! And besides that, I have constant terrible itching! " “It makes him suffer so much!” - suddenly his compassionate mother intervenes. “Why should the child suffer so much?! Who has sinned so in our family? God help us! I would prefer to suffer myself instead of him..." “Sores do not heal for a long time. Sometimes you can’t find the ointment that helps. Sometimes you can... My hands itch very much in the evening and at night, they do not let me fall asleep... Sometimes I can’t even breathe because of the pain. Doctors say I have fungi in my blood... I don't even know how they got there..."
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