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Another child will never grow up

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July 14, 2022
His hands are clenched into fists, his body is twisted in a spasm, muffled mooing or screaming sometimes breaks from mute lips - either from unbearable pain, or from thirst - Nika cannot say that he is thirsty otherwise. Another life of an innocent child was ruined by a terrible disease - cerebral palsy; another child on this earth is never destined to become an adult ... A boy named Nika, at the age of 14, does not talk, does not walk, does not sit, can't brush a fly off. Nika's entire family - 45-year-old mother Mzia, 11-year-old sister Lika, and 6-year-old brother Tamazi - is in an unequal battle with Nika's serious illness.
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Project completed!
Your kindness made them happy!
You must read this report, friends! Because the joy of this family is your merit! Save these joyful photos. If your heart is heavy, smile along with those you have helped, and the whole world will smile back at you
Nikusha, can't thank you. He can't talk, but this smile is for you!
   I wonder what Nika would say if he had not had the severe form of cerebral palsy and could talk! Would he have the same joy on his face if he saw the happy eyes of his sister and brother? However, we do this kindness for those who will never thank us, the Lord will do it instead of Nika! Glory to his name!
"It's a mountain of cookies, and I'm a plane, and I will fly over it. Wait, I'll eat a bit first..."
     Friends, we have already given joy to so many families! Is it an easy job to stand guard, where the voice of those in need is better heard, and do everything to help the fallen to get on their feet? 
    We published an article about the Gubelidze family last year. We told you about 14-year-old Nikusha, who has been suffering from the most severe form of cerebral palsy since birth: he can't walk, he can't sit, he can't stand up, he can't talk... His mother Mzia has two more little children. The family's only income is social allowance and Nikusha's pension. Imagine the rest yourself... 
Mzia, what is the reason for your great joy?
Mzia: Support of people! The kindness of Georgians. At first glance everyone is fighting with each other on the social network because of their political views, but when someone gets in trouble, everyone unites. Everyone is ready to save the needy, save them from hunger. Who cares about politics at this time?! We are all children of God. Sometimes the people in need themselves help the other needy. I read all the articles on your site. I remember a woman who wrote that they brought her a lot of food at the same time and she distributed it to other needy people... Can you imagine that? My Georgia is such a warm country, but some people don't believe it. We received such wonderful gifts from you... We really needed everything. First of all, a bed for my Nikusha. We slept together before. We had no other option. The new bed is very comfortable.  My poor boy can't walk, can't stand up... He is bedridden. This beautiful bed became his new "home". It is equal to home! Thanks for this. I wish my baby could thank you himself. But he can't even talk, he just smiles... But I see happiness and gratitude in that smile. A mother's heart feels everything. 
This bed is a new "home" for Nikusha
Lika: Nikusha likes the bed very much. You also brought us many diapers - we needed them too. He can't go to the toilet. He needs a lot of diapers every day, maybe 5 or 6 pieces. The more he grows, the more diapers he needs. Mommy doesn't have enough money to buy them always. We must take very good care of my brother to have him for a long time...
- Lika, I am surprised that you have been involved that much in family affairs. You care about your brother too. What did you enjoy the most from the gifts?
Lika: I was very happy with the refrigerator. Our old one got broken, but look at this one, it's taller than me. I wonder if I will ever overtake it in height?
"It's so big, I will ever overtake it in height..."
Tazo: There should be a lot of food in the refrigerator, then it is good. I was most happy with candies and sweets. I love meat and cookies, and if you bring them often, the fridge will get full. 
Mzia: We were very happy with the gas stove. 
“It turns out that sometimes even poor children can have delicious food... Even with meat!”
Lika: You can fry eggs much faster on this stove.
Tazo: And it is tastier, but I still prefer meatballs. Mommy told me not to ask her for meet because it is expensive.  But what should I do if I want it?
Mzia, who do you remember the most?
Mzia: One day a young guy called me. He told me that his unit wanted to help Niko somehow. He asked me our address. Then he came. He brought a lot of food for my children. It turns out that when the Osiauri soldiers saw the article on the social network, they shared it with everyone. They raised money within the unit and then one of them came to visit us. Thank you, guys! You were brought up by real Georgian mothers, and I am sure that your children will also become people that our country will be proud of.
- Mzia, does the local government help you with anything?
Mzia: It does not help us...  I don't believe that the local administrations help anyone with anything at all. Well, really, apart from the fact that I was hired as a janitor... But my salary is so small, that I am embarrassed even to name it. And I think it's part of the social program, otherwise they wouldn't even remember about me.
"If I eat 2 pieces a day, for how many years will it be enough?"
Mzia, you still need so many things, foodstuffs. Our relationship will not end with one help. I believe that many people will read this article and decide to support you.
Mzia: I can never buy food. We eat food from the social canteen. And as you know food from there is not good and desirable for children. They ask me for meat, cakes... Where can I get it? When you brought cookies, Tazo even asked me for how many years it will be enough if he only eats two pieces a day. My poor child. So, thanks to good people, I lead my wretched life. Look at my Nikusha! Can I deprive him of medications, diapers, a clean bed, sheets and grooming? I will die if something happens to him! You know, a mother never singles out any of her children, but she always pays more attention to the sick and focuses on them. It's like that everywhere - it's not only my point. My heart breaks when I look at him.
"My dear brother, we still have diapers and mommy will not worry"
Lika: If my mother had a washing machine, her life would be much easier. Well, look at her wrinkled hands: early in the morning, she holds a broom in her hand, in the evening she washes everything. She does it by hand... I also help her, but it is hard to wash in cold water... That's why I prefer to clean. I take care of Nikusha and am more able to do other things.
So, mommy will be happy with washing machine and groceries! What you will be happy with, guys?
Tazo: I will be happy with the bicycle - if my mother will send me somewhere to get something, I will rush like a bullet. It is also help. Is not it?
"If I rush by my bike, Jeka will follow me as a personal security"
“Likuna and Tazuka are waiting for their little dreams to come true...”
     We believe that kindness never ends, and many more people will support the Gubelidze family so that little Tazo does not dream of eating meat, has a bicycle, Lika goes to dances, and her mother is proud of her success. This story is not over! It should have an even better sequel! We hope for you!
        If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.
          Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need!
       Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!     
        Friends, we have one more request for you - if you find out that your friend or neighbor needs help, please show your caring attitude and drop us an email at:   
          Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything.
         Friends! Thanks again to everyone!
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