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When death is sweeter than life

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August 24, 2022
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“My neighbor found me lying on the floor, unconscious. I was taken away by the car of the disaster center… I don't remember anything… The operation lasted more than seven hours. They returned me from the next world... But maybe death would be better than such a life?! - Ms. Leila told us before the interview began - “It was already the second operation last year that I had. First they gutted my stomach, then they opened my skull. Now I'm like this - exhausted, gutted. I can’t even lift two kilograms.”
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7 months ago
$ 7.66
'გიორგი თურმანიძე
7 months ago
$ 3.83
'ირაკლი თოდუა
8 months ago
$ 9.19
ილია ჩალაძე
9 months ago
$ 0.77
ანრი ტაბარუკიშვილი
9 months ago
$ 1.92
მარეხ მურადაშვილი
9 months ago
$ 3.83
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