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The hell and the heaven of a 23 years old girl having cancer disease

year ago
Charity in Georgia

During the month of August of the last year, everything changed in the life of 23 years old Nata Turashvili. Her mother died of breast cancer first, then her aunt and after two weeks, doctors diagnosed her of breast malignant tumor. Nowadays, Nata has both breasts amputated. Notwithstanding this fact, she does not consider tumor as a condemnation.

Nata Turashvili:

-First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in me. In our family, my mother was first diagnosed of breast cancer six years ago, who died in August of the last year. Two weeks after my mother’s death, I also found out a knot in breast. I immediately notified this to my cousin, Ana Mazanishvili, who is the president of “Evropa dona Georgia”. The organization unites women having breast cancer. I passed an ultrasound examination, which demonstrated that I had carcinoma i.e. malignant tumor in breast. The doctors prescribed me 6 treatments of chemotherapy after the surgical intervention. Besides my mother, my aunt also died from breast cancer that’s why we took the relevant measures initially. I have an aggressive form of cancer and that’s why I started chemotherapy at the first stage. Afterwards, my both breasts have been amputated.

- How do you feel now?

- In parallel to the amputation of both breast, they introduced expanders i.e. temporary silicones in my breast. After the chemotherapy, the organism gets weak, that’s why the temporary silicones got pus and the doctors could not even fight against such weakness with medicines. The silicones were still removed. I had curly and long hair, but after the first treatment of chemotherapy, my hair, lashes and eyebrows began to fall.

- In the beginning I thought that I would have a terrible reaction on shaving my head. Before I shaved my head, my 28 years old brother did. He wanted me to get used with this and that’s why he shaved his head.

- But all this is related to elevated sums, isn’t it?

- The head of the Public Relations Department of the Georgian Central Blood Bank-Tamta Demurishvili helped me a lot and I would like to thank her a lot for this. I would like to tell everybody that tumor is really nor a condemnation. I had just passed the chemotherapy when I participated in the charity fashion show of “Zenka da mari”.

- I recommend to all the women to continuously control their health, the most important is to go to the doctor timely.

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