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The refugees will be involved in the program “Home Care”

year ago

The project “Home Care” exists since September 2012 and now it has more than 400 patients that we daily supply with requires medical aid, with products and medications.

Our beneficiaries are bedridden, housebound and old people. They are helpless against their diseases, sufferings and misery.

Qualified nurses and their assistants take care of the bedridden patients in their homes.

One of our target areas is expansion of our opportunities and assistance of more people.

In this regard the “Social Partnership” cooperates with the Ministry Internally Displaced Persons From Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia.

As you know the bedridden or housebound refugees need our support mostly, because they are not able to solve their troubles independently. The Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees gave us a list of 87 refugees and now they are actively involved in the program “Home Care”. Our nurses visit the refugees every day and in case they satisfy our criteria they participate in the program. Currently, 50 refugees have already been added to the program “Home Care” and this number increases daily.


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