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Let’s take a look in the learning room of Kobuleti boarding school

Fund News
year ago

There are all conditions created for complete learning process at Giorgi Mazniashvili boarding school. Highly qualified tutors take care of the children to make it comfortable for them there. Their parents participate in upbringing of their children and they visit them often. There are places for study arranged for the pupils; all necessary appliances and inventory are already bought, that the children need for full-fledged life and their education and development. Each of them has a private laptop to make their learning process easier and effective.

On the photos you can see a study room. After the children have come from the school and had their dinner a private math teacher comes and gives them intensive lessons in math. Development of math and the skills will give the children an opportunity to develop their strong sides and the Fund supports them much.

The Charity Fund “Social Partnership” thanks the staff of the boarding school, its manager, the tutors and the teachers for their taking care of the children.

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