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Account for assistance of the Family of Gvaladze

year ago

Dear friends, your kindness makes wonders. You may remember the large family of Gvaladze with many children, in which 10 children are raised in inhuman conditions. They have to sleep on boards laid on the bricks.

Despite their hard life, everybody is friendly and have a great wish to work. They dream of a small farm, in order to escape from poverty and to help others too.

After publication of the family’s story 1500 GEL were deposited on the account of the Fund. With your assistance we fulfilled their longtime dream and bought them a cow and a calf!

You can hardly imagine how happy you made this family. Now they have milk and cheese, yoghurt and butter! Dear friends, if you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance for other large families with many children, you may transfer money to the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: large families with many children) or pay directly from our site

Please, do not remain indifferent, do good for the poor children, and it will surely come back to you and to your children!

The happy faces of the children is thanks to you!


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