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Dobrovizik in the "Goodwill"

year ago
In the last days of the outgoing winter, our fund together with the hypermarket Goodwill conducted an unusual action, the purpose of which was to collect food for the children of our orphanages and the beneficiaries of the Foundation's free canteen.
A special container was installed next to one of the cash desks, where visitors of the Goodwill hypermarket could, at their own request, place the products they bought.
Friends, our expectations have surpassed reality! Hundreds of people happily took part in this action and demonstrated their willingness to come to the aid of those to whom it is very necessary!
Within two days, about 50 kg of pasta, dozens of packets of cookies, as well as sunflower oil, dry soups, canned food and various kinds of sweets were collected.
Our container, which we affectionately called "Voluntary" became truly magical! He brought great joy to our beneficiaries, for whom your compassion and this form of care is very important.
On behalf of our beneficiaries, we sincerely thank the Hypermarket Goodwill and all the people who took part in our action.
Friends, thank you for your kind heart, donated help and support. Yes, it is through joint efforts that we can alleviate the plight of needy citizens, feed and warm them, make them feel that they have not been forgotten and taken care of!
Our dear philanthropists, like the sun - the beauty and decoration of the sky, so the greatness of your soul is the brilliance and the light of all virtue!


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