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"Grandmother fights for the life of her grandson." image

"Grandmother fights for the life of her grandson."

year ago
Friends, you undoubtedly remember this story about the 21-year-old Shota Vartumashvili, who for 2 years has been confined to the post of a car accident. The guy is courted 80-year-old grandmother, who suspended social assistance.
We could not stay away and announced a charitable action to help Shota Vartumashvili. The action caused a great resonance among the public. About 400 people donated more than 6 000 GEL!
Yesterday we visited this family and delivered the products purchased for your donations: hygienic supplies, aspirator, medicines ... for the amount of 1700 GEL. This is the first stage of assistance, which will continue in the near future until the exhaustion of the listed funds.
Tamara Vartumashvili is sincerely grateful to all people who took their pain to heart and supported at this difficult time. According to her, after our Foundation gave a move to this case, a representative of the Social Services Agency visited their family and promised to restore the financial assistance without fail.
Friends, this is our common victory! Many thanks to you for the compassion, the help and the good that you are doing!


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