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International Charity Day!

year ago
Today, the international Charity Day, established by the UN General Assembly in 2012, is celebrated all over the world. Its goal is to draw the attention of the general public to the activities of charitable foundations in order to increase the effectiveness of combating poverty and hunger.
Today, dozens of charitable organizations work in Georgia, which face serious challenges and make their contribution to the eradication of poverty in the country.
The Chernovetsky Foundation has been working for 7 years already in this direction, making every effort to help the socially unprotected population. The number of people in this category is almost half a million, and we are trying to reach as many people in need as possible.
Here are just a few figures:
- our program "Home Care" daily serves more than 400 people;
- in three small family-type homes, 30 teenagers are raised, who are deprived of parental care;
- Free dining in Tbilisi and Kutaisi accept 450 beneficiaries every day;
- The versatile "Day Center" has become a reliable daily haven for more than 300 people ...
Unfortunately, Georgia takes an unenviable position in the international charity rating. Therefore, our goal is also to popularize the idea of ​​charity. We want people to realize the numerous problems of the socially unprotected population and actively manifest their civil position!
In order to feel happy, you need to see happy and others around!
Let us recall the words of Ilya Chavchavadze: "You will be a real person, when you will ask yourself every day for yourself a report: what have you done good for your neighbors!".


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