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a year ago

The Chernovetskyi Fund continues the charity campaign on collecting toys for their little wards - "Help a stranger friend". This time the pupils of the private kindergarten "" took part in it.

The little ones brought dolls, toy cars, building blocks, and their beloved plush friends from home to share with their peers from disadvantaged families.  They carefully collected the toys in special "boxes of joy" that the Fund’s staff set up in the yard of their kindergarten. They received a certificate of appreciation as "Young Philanthropists" for their good deeds.

 Kindergarten children know better than anyone that these small gifts help dry children's tears. Because no child in Georgia should cry because they lack toys! 

 The Chernovetskyi Fund handed over the gifts from the "" kindergarten to the children from needy large families residing in Kakheti.The little ones in Tsori and the village of Jimiti eagerly awaited our arrival.  These children received unforgettable emotions and impressions since they never had their own toys - they used to play with homemade ones.

 The kids eagerly unwrapped the packages to see which adorable face would peek out.  This is genuine joy, and it is the best reward for those who gave them such a pleasant surprise. 

 The Chernovetskyi Fund expresses gratitude to the team of the "" kindergarten and its founders - Tamara Julakidze and Mikhail Mgvdeladze, for their charitable assistance and active collaboration!   You have given the children a happy childhood! It is impossible without toys!




(Purpose: Holiday event for children)