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The young benefactors of the Chernovetskyi Fund met their wards for the first time image

The young benefactors of the Chernovetskyi Fund met their wards for the first time

11 months ago

The young benefactors of the Chernovetskyi Fund met their wards for the first time

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The Robert Schuman European School students distributed toys to the young beneficiaries of the Chernovetskyi Fund as part of the "Help a Stranger Friend" campaign.

This was the first meeting of young benefactors with children from underprivileged and large families. Such an event had never taken place before. 

Despite the age difference, the children quickly found common ground - because the language they spoke was the language of kindness. The schoolchildren were keenly interested in how the children live and study, asking about their interests and talents. 

Each beneficiary of the Fund tried to give a tight hug to their new friend as a gesture of gratitude.

Children from poor families should have the opportunity to live a full life, learn new things, have fun, and make friends.   That is why the Chernovetskyi Fund organizes large-scale and heartfelt celebrations for children, where there are delicious treats, entertainment, and most importantly, close interaction  with their older peers.

For each beneficiary, the Fund's staff prepared a separate gift set. We tried to consider the child's age and their interests. As a result, everyone received what they had been dreaming of:  soft toys, building blocks, puzzles, dolls, robots, educational games, school supplies, books, and coloring books. 

After the gifts were distributed, everyone started playing together.   The schoolchildren, along with their beneficiaries, participated in contests organized by the invited entertainers.  They jumped, sang songs, danced, played "cat and mouse."  They also had a sports relay race, where, of course, everyone won. The meeting was very warm and was held in a wonderful atmosphere of kindness and mutual assistance.

Previously, 250 students of the Robert Schuman European School in Tbilisi participated in the charitable campaign "Help a Stranger Friend." Together, they collected assistance for families in need, which included not only toys but also other essential items that brought joy not only to the children but also to their parents.

This was a new experience for the students of the Robert Schuman European School, as well.  By collecting toys for children and participating in this celebration, they demonstrated not only care but also responsibility. And that is the foundation of philanthropy. The students themselves became benefactors, albeit young ones.  Now they will proudly carry this title and, of course, strive to reaffirm it by helping others and selflessly performing good deeds.  All of this is done for the ultimate result, which brings joy not only to the staff of the Chernovetskyi Fund but also to all the benefactors. It is the happy faces of children and genuine delight that we find truly rewarding.

Our Fund’s accounts are:

In Bank of Georgia #GE64BG0000000470458000

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(Purpose: Holiday event for children)