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A corner of hope for lost souls

10 months ago

A corner of hope for lost souls

It looks like an ordinary house, and probably many of those passing by didn't even realize that lost souls and hearts were gathered in this tiny corner. Here, time slows down, and sometimes even comes to a halt.  It is a nursing home, a place of indescribable sorrow and sadness. Thirty elderly individuals live within its walls, in a somber, solemn condition, their faces concealing the secrets of years long past.

When the director of this home, Inga, reached out to our Fund for help and shared the stories of these forgotten, abandoned, and destitute individuals, we simply couldn't stand aside.  We gathered the first aid and came to meet them.  We brought them bedding, food supplies, diapers, and hygiene products.  Only children and the elderly know how to rejoice in such simple gifts.

Among them are individuals who have lost touch with their own names, ages, and pasts. Some of them were plucked straight from the streets, without any accompanying documents. They stand defenseless, as fate has consigned their memories to oblivion, leaving them with no recollection of their own lives. Instead, they recount fictional tales from a bygone era, speaking of encounters with famous actors, operatic performances, and political careers.  They believe all is well, yet sadness lingers in their eyes, and their souls still seek salvation—unaware of whom or what it may be from.

There are also those who have been abandoned, without a single phone call or a trace of care shown towards them.  However, despite it all, the elderly still hold onto hope that their children will return and grant them the opportunity to spend their remaining days alongside the ones they love. They await their children's return with the same longing that children in orphanages await their parents. Meanwhile, those they have given birth to and raised have departed, leaving them condemned to solitude.

However, among these lovely elderly individuals, there are also those who simply wish to be among others who are just like them. They may have their own apartments and caring children as guardians, but they find greater comfort in the company of those with whom they can share their deepest thoughts, someone they can recount the same stories to a hundred times a day. And the next day, they can share them all over again, without being judged. Instead, they will be listened to until the end. So what if yesterday you were a ballerina, and today you suddenly became a doctor? It's still intriguing. The most important thing is that here, they are heard, cared for, and always provided with delicious meals. They are gently reminded to take their medications.  Watching television together is more enjoyable, even if there's only one for everyone to share. 

Our help can become a spark of hope in their lives and gift them with a sense that they are not forgotten, that there exists a world where people care for one another.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!