It's a miracle that they survived the fire, and an even greater miracle is that they haven't died from hunger, illnesses, and horrifying poverty! - Projects - Сhernovetskyi Fund

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It's a miracle that they survived the fire, and an even greater miracle is that they haven't died from hunger, illnesses, and horrifying poverty!

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July 21, 2023
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It's a miracle that we are still alive in this shack with three little children, living on 250 lari per month! One and a half years ago, I broke my leg in two places, so badly that the doctors had to piece the bones back together and insert a metal plate, which should have been removed a year ago, or else gangrene, which could kill me. But I don't have any money at all! The whole household relies solely on me because my husband is also sick! We constantly suffer from hunger. Neither my husband nor I can take care of our health. We don't even have the Tetri to afford transportation to the clinic, let alone expensive medical examinations! We save every penny just to keep our children from dying of hunger! But I should not die either. The metal plate must be removed urgently. Please help! Otherwise, my children will lose their mother! I must not die, and my children should not have to live like homeless ones: forever hungry, deprived even of basic necessities that children should have!
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It's a miracle that they survived the fire, and an even greater miracle is that they haven't died from hunger, illnesses, and horrifying poverty!


It all started on that terrible day when the fire destroyed their home four years ago.  

The family miraculously managed to escape. Only ruins remained of their house and their once happy life. Ineza’s husband was diagnosed with kidney stones and had to give up his heavy work, which had previously supported the family. About a year and a half ago, at the funeral of her father-in-law, Ineza broke her leg in such a way that the bones were shattered. They inserted a metal plate and said, "If you can walk, it will be a miracle."

After the fire, not only the house but their entire life turned into ruins

Ineza: In our life, everything happens miraculously. I always say that God loves us very much and protects us.   The fact that we didn't burn along with the house was a miracle, and the fact that I can walk now is also a miracle. But the biggest miracle of all is that we haven't starved to death yet. 

"If I don't eat now, I'll cry like my whiny doll."

- What do you live on?

Ineza: We are in a dire situation. Our only income is an allowance of 750 lari, out of which we pay 400 lari for rent, 70 lari for utilities, and you can imagine how little is left for food. We can barely afford anything besides onions, pasta, and flour. We constantly face hunger. Neither my husband nor I can take care of our health. We don't even have the money to travel to a clinic, let alone expensive medical tests.  Every penny spent on something other than food feels like a stab in the back. We know that we are condemning our children to hunger.  Our situation is hopeless!  How can we even talk about treatment?

"Sometimes we can't even afford simple medicines for blood pressure or pain relief"

- How do you manage to stay positive?

Ineza: We try to stay together and support each other. Mariam and Avtandil don't give us a moment to dwell in despair.  Once they start cheering us up, it's hard not to laugh. But living in poverty drains all our strength. We can't seem to escape the swamp we found ourselves in four years ago.

For this tiny 'toy' of a house, the family has to part with over half of their allowance - 400 lari. And to add to their struggles, even the roof is in disrepair, leaking during the rain

- Ineza, has the government provided you with housing or at least rental assistance? 

Ineza: No, not at all!  They don't help us even with the rent. I don't know why, but apparently, they don't like us. 

Avtandil (7-year-old): Everyone likes us!  I don't know who you're talking about!  Everyone at school tells me, “You're such a good boy.' 

- Who do you like?

Avtandil: I have two 'favorites.'  Nini and Mari.  They are the most beautiful ones.

- What does 'favorites' mean?

Avtandil: It's like how Mom and Dad are 'favorites.'  Well, they love each other. I have that too. But Dad has only mom, and I have two! I can't choose. They are both so beautiful. So, I decided that I will love both of them. 

"It's impossible not to fall in love with these little angels at first sight.  Everyone loves them except for the state."

- Do you give them gifts?

Avtandil: I can't!  Mom doesn't have money. But if I have money, I will give gifts to everyone.  But first my sister will get a doll and then my mom gets legб and my dad I don't know what it's called - he has something in his stomach that hurts. Our hope now is in Mishiko.

- Who is Mishiko?

Avtandil: He is my older brother. He goes for wrestling and wants to become a sailor.  He promised that he will buy us gifts with his first salary. So, I will ask him to get something for Mari and Nini too, he is kind and won't refuse. 

Mariam (4-year-old): I already know what I'm going to ask for! Beautiful dolls. Mine are ugly and naked, so shameless!  Do you know which doll I want? The one dressed up and singing! And I also want a bicycle.  And a 'non-birthday' cake.

"I have ugly dolls... I will draw tears on her now, as if she is hungry and crying."

- And what kind of cake is this?

Mariam: My birthday is in the winter, and I want the cake right now, so it's gonna be a "non-birthday" cake, okay? I am a very beautiful girl, but I have very ugly "clothes," will you bring something beautiful?

- Now I understand how your family finds the strength to overcome all the difficulties.

Ineza: We believe in God and know that He is always with us. Through our children, God speaks to us. Is there anything to grieve about when they didn't get hurt in the fire? That they are healthy despite the conditions we have been living in for the past four years. We are also grateful to the people who help us and support us during this difficult period. When we reached out to your fund three years ago, you indeed helped us. We only survived thanks to your help.  And once again, we were unable to handle it without you. We hope you will save us from certain death once again. 

"Can I have one proper toy car, please?"

- What do you need the most to overcome difficulties and hunger?

Ineza: This situation has a very negative impact on our children. They wear tattered clothes, and they often don't have enough food. But they never complain.  Food is vital for us.  We also desperately need beds and clothing for the children. 

"The family has no money for anything but food."

- I think you need to pay attention to your health first and finally have that metal plate removed from your leg. The children need a healthy mother!

Ineza: You are right! But you know, the last thing moms think about is themselves. But if that piece of metal starts decaying inside me, it won't be funny!  My husband needs support for his kidney treatment.  We also dream of being able to stand on our feet again and start anew. When God is with you, anything is possible!

- What role does faith play in your life?

Ineza: Our faith is what keeps us afloat during the toughest times. We pray, seek support in the Bible, and believe that God will not abandon us in our trouble.  We hope for a miracle and for people who can help us get out of this situation.

Now we face a moment of truth where our kind hearts must respond to the call for help. This wonderful family is on the verge of life and death, and they urgently need our support! Let's not remain indifferent to their suffering and give them a chance for a better life. Imagine that this is your own family, living in dreadful conditions, without the means to feed your own children or provide them with the basic necessities they need.

They urgently need food, beds, and clothing. The children dream of toys and treats that may seem like small joys to us, but for them, it would be a whole world of happiness.

Today, we have the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Let's not wait for the government or someone else to do it for us. We ourselves can become guardian angels for this family.

If you are willing to visit this family and help them in person, here is their address: Batumi, 3 Peradze Str.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

We are sure that all together we will manage to save them from imminent death.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life:  0901200270 ! God bless you! 

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Our Fund’s accounts:
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