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"My children are my whole life!"

Every morning 25-year-old Svetlana Kharatishvili wakes up with a heartache, realizing that any day may become the last for her
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Every morning 25-year-old Svetlana Kharatishvili wakes up with a heartache, realizing that any day may become the last for her, and that her adored kids can be left without a mother. 

Most of the night Svetlana is lying awake: her sore bones and joints are aching because of the heart spasms. The young woman has acquired heart disease and renal failure, and Svetlana's kidney has already failed. Her state of health urgently requires surgery on her heart and kidneys! 

But even in such a state the young mother is not worried about herself – the smallest of Svetlana's four children, David, a year and a half old, needs special medical care and treatment. The baby suffers from ICP and asthma, and without medical care his condition is worsening day by day. 

With tears in her eyes and unbearable pain in her heart Svetlana told us about the problems that gathered over her family like a snowball.

- Svetlana, could you tell what your son needs now most of all?

- David needs medication to relieve asthma attacks. Could you imagine what it feels like when your son is choking in your hands?! I have tied myself in knots! And in addition, my boy has ICP, he needs a course of rehabilitation and therapeutic massage, as it is difficult for him to move because of spasms in the limbs.

Frozen and stripped concrete walls, damp floor, a couple of beds and a few blankets to protect themselves from the cold, a bathroom without hot water – the Kharatishvili, a family with four children, are living in in such difficult conditions in the one-room apartment of their relatives in Rustavi. The eldest daughter Eke is 9, Natia is 8, Atilla is 5 and the youngest David is a year and seven months old. The family is starving; there is almost no money for food; the children have no clothes for the season and practically no hygiene products. And the family cannot even dream about some domestic appliances.

Svetlana's husband, a painter by profession, spends every day in search of work at the spontaneously created labor market in the area of the Tbilisi market Eliava, but he rarely receives orders. So the whole family is forced to survive on a pension, which was allocated by the state for the younger David for health reasons. 

Before moving to Rustavi, the Kharatishvili used to live in Lagodekhi in a rented apartment, but there was no work in the province. But this was not the main reason for moving to the city – Svetlana's son needed qualified help, which he could not receive in the regional center. After the move the family's financial situation has only worsened. Because of the change of residence they have even been deprived of the most meager assistance, the social benefits. At first Svetlana found a job, but she worked from morning till night, and it has almost cost her the loss of custody over the children.

 - Svetlana, tell us please, what has happened?

- I had very "good neighbors". They called the social service and said that the children were staying unattended during all day long. I was threatened that they would take away my kids. I had nothing to do; I had to quit my job. For me, it wasn't even a matter of choice. "My children are my whole life!" I'd rather starve, but I will not give them to anyone!

We could not help asking Svetlana's children what they dreamt about and what they aspired to. Senior Eka is a girl with serious eyes. She sternly replied:

- I dream of becoming a doctor! I want to cure my mother and brother! I don't want or ask for anything else.

Eight-year-old Natia and even five-year-old Attila also did not talk about any desires that would be typical of their age. These kids want neither candies, nor toys. They only want their mother to be alive and well!

This friendly family needs our help! We urge all of you to show sensitivity and compassion, and not to leave the Kharatishvili in trouble! It is in our power to give happiness and confidence in the future to these children! 

If you have a possibility to provide them material assistance, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: the Kharatishvili Family) or pay directly from our web-site. 

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