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It's raining in my room and it's as cold as outside!

December 11, 2020
3-year-old Tamar greets us with these words, not understanding why all this is happening ... She is still too little to realize in what terrible conditions she lives. She is afraid that the house, or rather what she calls her house, may collapse at any moment and bury the people living there alive ...
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“Come in, don’t be scared, my daughter and I live here,” Tea (36-year-old) cordially invites us, noticing how fearfully we look in these terrible ruins, a leaky roof and crumbling walls ... And a concrete floor. To be honest, it is scary even to imagine that a 3-year-old baby lives, plays and sleeps here!

“My great-grandfather and great-grandmother used to live here,” explains mother Tea, “but now here we are with my daughter. Everything became dilapidated over time, the roof leaks, the wall collapses. I used to prop it up with a sideboard, but that doesn't help, '' says the unfortunate woman, smiling sadly and wiping away her tears secretly...

  Our compatriot Tea and her 3-year-old daughter found themselves in a terrible situation. Their house is about to collapse, and Tea has no money, not only to repair it, but even to buy normal food for the baby. They are completely alone in this world, and they have no one to ask for help. In despair, Tea addressed our Fund. A single mother trusts in the mercy of Lord and does not lose hope that her kind compatriots will not leave her and little Tamar in trouble.

- Tea, tell me, please, what made you address our Fund?

Tea: My daughter and I live in misery... I have no money to feed Tamar normally. And not only that. The worst thing is that we live in constant fear that this house will collapse on our heads. Look around, water is pouring from the ceiling the same way it does outside during the rain, and the walls are about to collapse. When it rains, I have to move the beds so that it doesn't drip on us ...

  - How did you find yourself in such situation? Alone, with a child in your arms?

Tea: A series of misfortunes in our family began long ago. In 1999, my brother tragically died. He was only 24 years old then, and he was going to get married ... There was a black-out in our district, my father worked as an electrician, and my brother helped him. He climbed on a pole and was electrocuted. 

No sooner had we recovered from this grief, then we found out that my father had cancer. We fought to the last, but we could not save him. I was just studying to be a nurse and, of course, quitted the college. I had to take my father to Tbilisi for procedures, to look after him. After his death, I never returned to college, I had to support my family, so I started working as a cashier in a store.

  Following my brother and father, my mother died. She fell down in the yard, hit her head, and apparently got a serious injury. Soon she died too ... We had to sell the house where we lived, because of debts, and my sister and I moved here. Our great-grandmother and great-grandfather used to live here. In fact, now it is not a house, but just ruins. I don't even know how we will winter ...

My sister got married, she has already four children. And here we are with Tamar. Her father left us when I was four months pregnant. He just disappeared from our life forever. Excuse me, it hurts me to talk about this...

– Does anybody help you?

Tea: We have no relatives left, everybody died, I have only my sister. But she has her own family, besides her eldest daughter has a cerebral palsy. You understand, their life is not easy at all, or rather, it’s very hard... And no one is interested in us at all from my husband’s side.

- What means do you live on?

Tea: We have 170 GEL of social allowance plus food vouchers. Sometimes I manage to earn extra money by cleaning, but this is only in summer when people come to their summer houses... And in winter - nothing.

- What is this money enough for? What does your daughter eat?

Tea: I have debts in our grocery shop. Tamar loves fried potatoes. So, we only eat potatoes and pasta... You know, as every child, she often asks for sweets...But we have everything strictly calculated, we cannot afford to spend an extra penny.

- Have you addressed the local authorities for help?

Tea: Yes, many times! I wrote numberless statements and letters, but there was no feedback. I don’t know whom to ask for help. Because the risk that this rotten roof will fall on the head of my daughter and me is quite real ... Even Tamar understands this and is afraid to go to bed at night!

- Tell me, do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Tea: Of course I do, otherwise I would not have addressed you! They said that your Fund helps everyone in need, it unites the hearts of kind people ... You know, my neighbors help me a lot, they give Tamara clothes, which become small to their children... I am very grateful for that.

- What do you believe in, in what do you see the salvation?

Tea: I am very religious. To be honest, I cannot attend church services very often, Tamar is still very young, but I often pray at home in front of the icons. I address Lord in my own words and ask Him to give me the strength to put my daughter on her feet. I ask Him to help me create at least basic conditions for her - warmth and comfort. It hurts to see how your innocent child suffers, how scared and cold she is when the weather is bad.

- Tell me more about your daughter. Does she go to the kindergarten?

Tea: She used to go, but now it is closed. Tamar is a very kind and sociable girl, she loves to play with children. She asks for toys, because she doesn't have many ... She has a favorite baby-doll, and even that one is broken. She loves to watch cartoons ...

-– Can I talk to her, please? Tamar, do you like going to the kindergarten?

Tamar (3-year-old): Yes, there are many children and toys there, it's fun! But my mother doesn't take me there anymore, so I only play with my doll. I love her!

- Who else do you love?

Tamar: My mom, she's the best! Also, my friends. We play together when there is no rain ... And when it rains, I sit at home, playing with my doll. In our house rain is also falling from the ceiling, and I hug my doll so that she is not scared and cold.

- Are you scared too?

Tamar: When I'm scared and cold, I snuggle up to my mom to feel warmer ...

- Don’t be scared, baby! Everything will be okay! What are you dreaming about?

Tamar: I really want to have a bike! I have one, but it is broken, and my mother cannot fix it. All the children ride, and I just look at them. Mom says she will buy one when she has money...

- What else do you want?

Tamar: I love "kinder", it's such a chocolate egg, with a toy inside. There are different toys inside... But it is expensive, my mother cannot buy it for me. And I want to have a lot of "kinders" and a bicycle! Mom promised me that she would buy me everything when she had money ...

- She will definitely buy all this, since she has promised it. Tea, how exactly can we help you at the moment?

Tea: Our main problem is roof repair. It flows from the ceiling, the room is damp, it is difficult to heat it. And when the weather is bad, it seems like we are in the street: the wind howls in the attic, it blows from all the cracks, and it seems as if the house is about to collapse... I dream of creating normal conditions for my baby so that she would not freeze, so that I could keep her. I would love to have an oven - mine is quite old and it went out of order. I could bake bread at home, and this would help me to save a lot ... I also need a washing machine, this one belongs to my sister, she gave it to me for some time, but she will take it soon, because she has young children too. And I can’t do without a washing machine… It makes me shiver when I think that I’ll have to wash with my hands in the yard in cold water, as I did it before … If I get sick, who will take care of my little Tamar then?

We need any help. Tamar needs to eat normally, not only potatoes and pasta ... We will be very grateful if you will help us with food...

– What is your biggest dream?

Tea: My child to live like a human being, in warmth, well fed and dressed. I don't want anything else. If this house finally collapses, we have nowhere to go, nowhere to live, and I will end up on the street with a 3-year-old baby (sobs).

- Why did you decide to address our Fund?

Tea: People say a lot of good things about you. The neighbors advised me to contact you ... I closely follow your Facebook page. You give warmth and joy to so many unfortunate people!

The hope flickered in my heart, that our misfortune would not leave your friends indifferent. Because I have no one else to address for help!


  Friends! Little Tamar, who shivers at night with cold and fear, really deserves our empathy. Because tomorrow it might be too late, and this house, which nobody knows how old it is, will simply collapse upon the head of her and her mother! Tea Nokarashvili fights for the well-being of her daughter completely alone, and she has nowhere to get the funds to put her home in order.

  Mom Thea and 3-year-old Tamar need any help: food, a bread maker, a washing machine, materials to repair the roof. It’s in our power to make their life easier. Little Tamar dreams of a chocolate egg and a bicycle.

You can visit them in person and provide the Nokarashvili family with all possible help. Their address is: Kaspi municipality, village Tvaladi.

Or you can call Tea and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 555 93 57 75.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

  Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Tea Nokarashvili and little Tamar, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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