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Our house burned down! People!!! Please help!!!

The loud cry of a 2-year-old baby saved the family from a painful death in the fire! “Thank you, God, that you touched my Mariam with your hand and woke her up!” - the mother of a large family says, - “this is a real miracle ... We were a couple of minutes away from a terrible death - to burn alive - and then ... This loud cry of my baby was like the sound of a fire siren!!! We were already poor then, and now ... Now our whole life has turned into a heap of ash and ruins! "
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    "Mommy, why didn't you pour water on our house when it caught fire, why didn’t you put it out?" - 4-year-old Alexi asks with interest, naively, because he knows from the fairy tales' pictures that it’s fun when everyone runs with buckets and puts out the fire with water!

The child and his 2-year-old sister cannot even imagine that soon they will find themselves in the street without anything.

  Correspondent: I enter a room 3 by 4 meters and I see a little girl who looks like an angel sitting on the bed, bending her little fingers and counting: "This is Anna, this is Mariam, Taliko, Naira ... much more ... that much ..." 

  “Everything is will of God!” Whenever sadness and despair creep into my heart, I recall how we almost burned to death! Do you understand? My baby and I would die in terrible agony! Every day I thank God for saving us.

  - Ineza, how did it all happen? Where have you been, how did you manage to survive?

Ineza: Everything is will of God! If not for coincidences, me and Mariam would not have been alive, we would have burned to death like Mari’s favorite dolls. On December 19, my husband together with our older children went to the village to visit his parents - his father felt sick. Mariam and I were left alone at home. It was cold, and we had no firewood to heat. They were going to bring us the firewood next day. I put my daughter to bed early and was planning to go to bed too. But at this time Mariam’s Godmother, who lives nearby, called me and asked me to come. I said that the baby was asleep, so I would come to see her tomorrow. If Mari had not woken up then, "tomorrow" would not have come for us!

- Like in a thriller! What happened then?

Ineza: Mari woke up and asked me to go to visit, saying that she got bored without her brothers. We got dressed up and left. 20 minutes later somebody called me - it was my neighbor who shouted into the phone. I could not understand what the matter was, but then I heard the words: "Your house is on fire!" With Mariam in my arms, I ran to the blazing house - it burned like a bonfire, flames reached the sky. I froze up with my daughter in my arms, then fell to my knees, and the only thing I kept repeating was:  "Thank you, God, that we're not inside!"

- The main thing is that you are alive ... How did you find yourself in this room?

Ineza: After the fire, we walked in the cold almost naked and barefoot, and looked for housing. Many refused to let us in - with three children and without money...They didn’t want to rent the apartment to people like us. Late in the evening, when Mariam got completely frozen and was bitterly crying, they finally let us in ... Our landlady has made us feel right at home. When she saw our frozen children, she gave them her blankets, brought a stove, and gave them tea ... Thank God that there are such people! They appear like angels when you are in trouble. So, we stayed here - it is not too much space here, but I do not complain. We don't need more now - we have got nothing, not even clothes or kitchenware. Nothing!

- What do you live on?

Ineza: The social allowance is our only income. We get 360 GEL and pay 200 GEL from this amount for rent. I must keep my children for 160 GEL per month. I know that I cannot spent more than 5 lari per day! 5 lari for 5 people per day! Well, we have not starved to death yet.

Foodstuffs from the social canteen helps us a lot. When they give us a chicken, it's a real holiday! We can prepare a sumptuous table then!

- How do you manage to keep your spirits high in your situation?

Ineza: Look at the children, they are playing, but they are still half-listening to what we are talking about. If they notice even the slightest alarm in my voice, they will just go crazy. Sometimes I also give slack - sometimes the tears pour from my eyes themselves. “Mom, is everything so bad with us? Mom, can't we hold out? " - the children start to ask me. I have no right to answer them that everything is worse than ever. I tell them that our problems are temporary, and we will break through! That everything will be fine!

- Ineza, what does your husband do?

Ineza: He used to work in a bakery before the pandemic, but then the bakery was closed. Many people were left unemployed. Then this fire happened ... He just can't find a job. Everything will work out but now we are in a very bad time. Now we really need support. We have nothing - no beds, no appliances, no kitchenware, no clothes, nothing!

How did you live before this tragedy happened?

Ineza: We were living the dream! We started our family for great love. 13 years ago, on my birthday, we accidentally crossed paths in a store. It turned out that Ushangi was my relative's neighbor. Everything happened very quickly - we decided to get married a month and a half after we first met. This was the wisest choice we have made in our life and our children are proof of this.

- Yes, you are right, your children are just wonderful, beautiful, and baby Mariam looks like an angel!

Ineza: She is our angel! God heard our prayers and gave us a daughter!

- Let's get to know them better! With whom should we start?

Mishiko (12-year-old): I am the oldest, let’s start with me. You know, these little ones sometimes behave so terribly ... They scream, talk loudly, yell. I tell them that they must obey our mother, that they must feel sorry for her.

- Oh, you talk like an adult!

Mishiko: I am adult. I want to find a job, so that I can earn some money every day and help my mother.

Avtandil (4-year old): Nothing of the kind, I'm a good boy! And our house burned down!

- Yes, I know. And what do you miss the most?

Avtandil: I had so many “bang-bangs” there... A lot! I had my own bed! And we had a TV too.

- What do you want more - the “bang-bangs” or TV?

Avtandil: TV! Everybody can watch it! And there are cartoons there! But I want the “bang-bangs” too. At least one... Or three!

- What does Mariam want?

Mariam (2-year-old): She wants Anna, Mariam, Taliko, Naira, and “chichia” (that’s how she calls meat).

- Ineza, what do you need most of all?

Ineza: I'll start listing like Mariam... but that's impossible. We have nothing. I have no idea where to start from. We have neither fridge nor washing machine. No TV ... no computer for Mishiko. No clothes ... no kitchenware, no furniture ... I’ll better stop because I am embarrassed.


God be praised! Do not say that you feel bad - you just do not know what bad is. Do not say that everything is lost - you do not know what it means to lose everything! Do not say that the situation is hopeless - there is always a way out, you just need to want to find it!

This family is in a dire situation, but they never cease to thank the Lord for everything they have! And we are sure that after reading this story the messengers of God like you will stand next to them. We are sure that God will help this family through you!

  The family will be grateful for any help: foodstuffs, children clothes and shoes, washing machine, refrigerator, basic utensils.

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Dolidze family.Their address is: Batumi, 20 Lomonosov Str.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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   We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Dolidze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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