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You are not alone!

“Social partnership” is starting the action for purchasing of a new wheelchair for Mr. David.
₾ 1,178.2
Project completed!

Life of the person can be turned down by one accident.

A bio-physician, Professor David Sharvashidze lived by the full, interesting life before “the wheel chair”. Now he does not call his existence “life” and does not like to talk about the present. He was a successful person. He was born in 1948, on Vera, next to famous and well-known people. He chose a hard, interesting and fashionable profession- biophysics. He studied, taught, worked in the leading institutes of Russia.

A young lecturer, interesting scientific researches, nice and bright students… What a person of 30 had to wish? Love- there was love too! A great and fair…but unfortunately, the girl chose another, and David was left alone. He was not married and has no child. Does he regret about it?

-  I do not regret anything,- David says- it happened what had to be happen. I do not like to live by past, but I have no any choice.

In 90s he returned to his native country and was involved in national movement. He was not interested with anything else but independence of his land. Neither career, nor high salary and nor wealthy future in Russia. There were hard years in Georgia, neither light, nor heating, nor food… It was hard to think about science. David had started working as a private teacher for his living and had private students.

Soon, he got in the car accident and his spine was injured… he survived, he had started walking from the beginning, but during his walk near his house, he got into car accident once again! This case bounded David on the wheelchair for ever.

-  This is the irony of the life- David says, all the biophysical actions I used to study as a scientist, now takes place in me.  It is already 34 years as I am motionless and I do not remember how I was before car accident. Sometimes I think that I was born with wheelchair- David jokes.

This is life of David, he is alone with his wheelchair. The only organization supporting him for free is a charitable foundation “Social partnership”. The foundation professional team, doctors, nurses and social workers take care on Mr. David, the same as on other 500 people being on the wheelchair, lonely and being under the poverty level. The foundation support and help is crucial for them. The foundation provides Mr. David with required medicines and hygiene means.

Professional nurses provide their treatment and personal hygiene.

“Social partnership” is starting the action for purchasing of a new wheelchair for Mr. David. The old one, he spends most of his time, is seriously injured. Unfortunately, the new wheelchair for him is an unachievable goal for him.

Who has the desire to contribute in this kind action and make his life easier, can transfer amount on the foundation bank account: GE15TB7194336080100003 and indicate David Sharvashidze in the subject or by directly on foundation web-site:


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