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For 12 years now, mom Ketevan has been living in fear: "If I fall asleep and don't hear my daughter moan, she will die!!!"

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August 8, 2023
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For 12 years now, Ketevan has lived in fear that she might not hear the cry for help from her daughter if she falls into a deep sleep. For 12 years, there has been no moment of peace, no moment of rest. Anna-Maria has a severe form of cerebral palsy.
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Project completed!

Dear friends, your gift wasn't just a wheelchair; it brought happiness to two lives! May the Lord fill your hearts with joy in return!


Thanks to the new wheelchair, Anna-Maria can spend more time outdoors and travel beyond her yard

No matter how tired her mom, Ketevan, was, she performed a complex ritual every day.  She would lift her sick 13-year-old daughter, Anna-Maria onto her arms, call the elevator from the 8th floor to the 1st, and walk across the yard.  Mom's back could only withstand 10 minutes, which was the walk duration for Anna-Maria who has cerebral palsy.

The walk lasted for 10 minutes, which was how long her mom's back could endure

Now, Anna-Maria has a wheelchair, and her mom, Ketevan, can take her on walks for up to two hours. Her mom takes her to the park, to be with other children, swings, and basks in the sun, and Anna-Maria is very happy. You have taken care to relieve the suffering of a single mother with a child who has cerebral palsy, and who exhausts herself with hard work.  You provided a refrigerator, washing machine, television... You ensured that Anna-Maria breathes fresh air and sees not only her room but the world beyond. 

It's wonderful to bask in the sun!

- Ketevan, how have your conditions changed during the project?

Ketevan: You remember, I have a heavy, almost manly job on the assembly line. Nine hours on my feet. I have to work hard to earn a penny.  I couldn't hope with the housework anymore, I washed clothes in the evenings, and cried. My lower back ached, and I just wanted to lean my back against something - to sit down or lie down.  It's a great relief for me that now I can just toss the clothes into the washing machine and then hang them out to dry. 

"My aching back is most grateful for the washing machine!"

My immense gratitude is for the wheelchair – both from me and my aching back. I couldn't bear to see my daughter confined within four walls but carrying her in my arms was a struggle. We couldn't get beyond our yard.  It started with going down from the 8th floor and then returning with my adult daughter in my arms, even if we took the elevator.  It was a terrible ordeal. Now, Anna-Maria can comfortably go for walks in her wheelchair. It's convenient for both her and me. My daughter can't express strong emotions, but she smiles and doesn't show signs of anxiety or restlessness, which means she feels good. 

Anna-Maria senses when it's time for a walk

Her cousin says:  "Taking pictures is easy; I'll teach you. Look at your aunt"

I no longer need to carry my daughter.  The walk has become comfortable for both my daughter and me

"Well, dear, let’s go to the park?"

I asked for a spacious orthopedic bed for my daughter.  This gift from the Fund and its readers arrived a few days ago. Anna-Maria has learned to turn over on her own, and there is a risk of her falling from the bed.  I'm glad that you promptly helped address this issue.  Leaving her on her previous bed is not an option; she has already fallen twice and lost consciousness. She has a cyst in her head, and any fall could be critical.

Anna-Maria will be sleeping on an orthopedic bed

Thank you for bringing another joy to my little girl's monotonous life in addition to outdoor walks. She willingly watches videos on the new plasma TV.

Anna-Maria glows with a gentle light when she hears Georgian or Turkish songs

- How do you know which music she likes and which she doesn't?

Ketevan: Anna-Maria likes Georgian and Turkish songs. If she doesn't like the melody, she easily shows it by starting to whimper.  This means 'change it,' and I switch it right away. Similarly, she lets me know what foods she likes and what she doesn't. In terms of food, I've known all her preferences for a long time, and with the financial aid from the Fund, I buy only her favorite products, which I could rarely afford.

 300 lari per month for groceries is a significant help for me. I am very grateful to all of you. I can't quit my job anyway, but this assistance soothes and encourages me. 

Now I have a place to store dairy products and other food – a refrigerator has appeared in the house 

I always buy yogurts, matsoni, sour cream, and milk for my daughter from the store. I also make chicken broths and soups for her. I often fry potatoes – she just loves that dish. Generally, children with severe cerebral palsy enjoy eating.

Thanks to your help, Anna-Maria now has proper meals. Today, her mom prepared 'tolma' for her.

I can tell she's already hungry by her rapid breathing and restlessness. I used to see and understand this before, of course, but due to a lack of means, instead of feeding my daughter four times a day, I just scolded myself.

'You've got some treats here; give them a try, Anna-Maria. I've already had two cookies,'

Thank you for your responsiveness! With any problem, I could address the readers and the Fund. Not once have I seen such an attitude and attention from the authorities – neither before the project nor afterward. From you, I only see love, respect, compassion, and warmth.

- Ketevan, can you be more specific about what other issues you have resolved.   That will please the readers.

Ketevan: I’ll tell you about a recent situation when my daughter and I fell ill with a new virus. Both of us were lying down with fever, Anna-Maria was choking with coughing. I was nervous for my daughter, so I called the Fund as I would call a close person. They immediately provided us with medications: antipyretics, cough suppressants, inhalation medicines. 

Anna-Maria is feeling fine now, she recovered without complications, and this is your merit.

Anna-Maria is not capable of strong emotions, but when she smiles - it means she feels good and calm.

- What message would you like to convey to our readers?

Ketevan: The most touching aspect is witnessing the love for your child.  I've seen a storm of love, attention, compassion, and tenderness, and I am deeply moved by it. You know, there's a saying: "To understand and not to judge another person, you have to step into their shoes and walk in them. You can do that; you are the most wonderful. You've walked in my shoes, and you've held my sick child in your arms. You've shed tears for me and felt my pain. 

 I wish you the greatest blessings in this life – health, happiness, and God's blessings every day!

- We are with you on this journey, Ketevan. We don't intend to leave you. What else concerns you, and how can we help?

Ketevan: It's getting cold in the house, and my daughter is feeling chilly. But I can't turn on the "karma" - gas bills accumulate quickly. So, we're shivering to avoid getting into debt. We already owe the rent for this apartment - 400 lari. Sometimes I manage to pay the rent, and sometimes we go into debt, and it's killing us.  This kind of help is vital for us if someone wants to assist. My dream of having a small room of our own often brings tears because we have no hope for our own housing, not even the tiniest space from the state...

Thank you, friends, for your care for the sick girl Anna-Maria and her mother Ketevan. Our project lasted for several months, but this family's problems will continue throughout their lives. Anna-Maria's disease is incurable, and her condition remains unchanged. We can help the family with diapers, food, medications, and addressing housing issues.  If there are endless troubles, then surely, goodness can be endless too... May the Lord bless you!

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy!

Friends, thanks again to each of you!

Our Fund’s accounts are:

- In Bank of Georgia GE42LB0115113036665000

– In TBC Bank GE15TB7194336080100003;

– In Liberty Bank GE42LB0115113036665000;

 (Purpose: The Kozmanashvili family)

 You can also transfer money from our website: Bank of Georgia (e-commerce), TБC Bank (GeoPay), Liberty Bank (PayGe), PayPal.

 It is also possible to transfer money from ExpressPay, TBCpay  and PayBox (OPPA) terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (you can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link 

Even if you dial once this special number 0901200270 it might save someone's life! God bless you!

 Let's believe that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them! 

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