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I would not wish such elderly age even to enemy!

Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” goes on introducing to you hard destinies of our beneficiaries. One of them is bedridden Eteri Barnabishvili.
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Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” goes on introducing to you hard destinies of our beneficiaries. One of them is bedridden Eteri Barnabishvili.

For 40 years this woman worked at Tbilisi Maternity House #5 in the District of Temka helping more then 10 000 newborns to come to life. Just think about that figure! Definitely, among the people reading this, there are those, who Mrs. Eteri was holding in her arms even earlier than their mothers did! She loved her job so much she could work without holidays and vacations.

Eteri always aspired to have many children, but she only had a daughter Maggie. They used to live in private house, often hosting many relatives, and it seemed there could be nothing against their stable and happy life.

But all of a sudden their well-being was ruined as a house of cards: after hard and long disease her husband passed away. In order to pay off his treatment they had to mortgage their house. As the result the husband could not be saved and they lost the house… She and her daughter Maggie with two one-year-old babies rented a tiny room (10 sq. m.) in two-rooms flat in the remote suburb of Tbilisi.

Because of the terrible emotional stress health of Eteri was deteriorated completely paralyzing her. More than four months she cannot move, eat herself, she even cannot comfort her pillows and wipe away her tears, coming to her eyes even more often due to despair.

All the family strives for living on Eteri’s miserable pension, which is not enough even for one person to survive… And it is absolutely surprising and incomprehensible how they manage to live in four, along with the bedridden sick person and two small kids, at the same time renting dwelling area!

As they cannot pay for the household running fees, there is no gas or electricity for them. Maggie and her children go around the room dressed and with hats on, but poor paralyzed Eteri suffers most, shivering of cold even under two blankets. In the evening they sit in darkness with candles. There is no wardrobe in the room, and the cloths are hanging on kids’ bed… But that is not the worst for Maggie, she worries as she cannot by necessary medicines and relieve her tortures, buy food to feed her well, cannot take all of them to warm and cozy apartment…

As she has no money and cannot get a job having two little kids and sick mother, it is simply unreal. Can you imagine Maggie has to choose everyday whether to feed children or to buy medicines for her mother?

Only sensitive and kind person can understand the whole horror of their being of those poor people!

Our Foundation cannot stand aside of miseries and problems this family encounters, thus we are launching the charity action for support of Eteri Barnabishvili who lived very dissent life and was left in such terrible conditions not due to her fault!

Probably some of you now looking at the photo recognize that kind maternity nurse who gave so much happiness to people! Let us give poor Eteri tiny part of our warmth, saying thanks for dedicated works and decrease a bit her misery and torture!

If you can help poor old woman financially in order she could buy medicines and food, you can transfer money to the account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Eteri Barnabishvili) or to pay directly at the website

Be assured you even most insignificant support, the smallest attention would relieve terrible tortures of the poor woman!


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