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9 kids need your help badly!

In a rented one-room apartment in Gldani District, Tbilisi,11 people live, and to be exact, exist.
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Project completed!

In a rented one-room apartment in Gldani District, Tbilisi,11 people live, and to be exact, exist. There are 2 beds and a sofa in the ugly room, and the matrass is on the floor. Here the entire family finds place to fit in. There is also a tiny table on which children have meals and do homework by turns. There is no refrigerator in the family! Once a day they bring food from the refectory for socially unprotected. They had no milk, cheese, and fruit, not to mention meat and sausages for a long time...

Family of Mirian and Nino Chikvaidze is in such terrible conditions, and they have 9 wonderful kids to bring up. One should not judge Nino and Mirian: after they lost their first child they promised each other they would give birth to all the children God would have sent them.

All the children are healthy, beautiful and clever! Elder Giorgi, Natia and Veriko help parents in upbringing brothers and sisters. Saba is 7, he is the most obedient and curios. Restless Liza is 5. Maria is the kindest in the family, she is 4, Nikoloz – the bravest is 3. Barbara, who is called “Princess Barbie” in the family is 2. And all of them adore the youngest member of the family – Chichiko. In 2 weeks she will be 1. Nevertheless, the family could hardly celebrate that as for the moment they cannot afford it! All they are thinking of how to feed themselves and stay alive!

The father used to do some occasional work in order to maintain his family. But several days ago terrible thing happened: Mirian got serious injury on his leg. Open fracture in three places! Now the only maintainer of the family lies at home with metal spike in his leg. As the doctors concluded, he will be able to get up and go to work for several months from now! And children need to eat now! Suffering terrible pain Mirian says he is ok. He knows if they buy painkillers the children will starve.

“I would have never asked for help!” – says Mirian, – “I would have continued to fight on myself but now I am in real unbearable standing, I am afraid my children would be left starving and homeless. That is why I refer to kind and caring people begging for help, not for me but for my kids!”.

We cannot stay indifferent to that! We are responsible for the fate of 9 children and only we can help them!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches action for collection of funds for the many-children family Chikvaidze. We ask for your support! Even minor things will help them stay alive! If you can help financially, you are encouraged to transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Chikvaidze Family) or pay directly at the site

If you cannot help please share this story in order it finds the proper addressee!

Thank you in advance for your kindness and care!

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