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Let us help together Achiko Bairamov!

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April 4, 2016
Life of young, energetic and cheerful young man Achiko Bairamov and the entire family turn into a nightmare all of a sudden.
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Life of young, energetic and cheerful young man Achiko Bairamov and the entire family turn into a nightmare all of a sudden.

Saturday night of September 6, 2014 was fatal for them. The entire family was at home, Achiko promised to his young brother to be back in half an hour to do lessons with him. Nobody could imagine that he would not be able to get back home by himself…

By some terrible occasion, Achiko nearby his house got in terrible car accident, which destroyed the fortune of that happy and friendly family.

When his mum Jamila was notified about the accident, she could not believe, that her son, whom he saw an hour ago healthy and happy, who was making plans for the future going to marry was fighting  with death!

Nevertheless, unfortunately, all the doubts faded, when Achiko during two long hours was taken out of the pile of twisted metal… And then Jamila was praying her son to be alive! 

For three months, the guy spent in resuscitation department, switched to the artificial respirator unit. Strong young organism managed to come out of coma and opened his eyes. And how much pain and desperation were in his eyes! Looking at his mum Achiko was begging her to help him to recover, asking her to forgive him for the tears!

After resuscitation, the guy of 25 was 35 kg only. Mum and sister took care of him, but his standing is still sustainably severe. Achiko is completely paralyzed needing daily special care, as he has to breathe and eat with the special tubes in trachea and stomach.

For recovery, Achiko badly needs expensive medications and special diet. Jamila underlined that when her son gets necessary medications his standing improves significantly.

In addition, they have no money at all! The family cannot by special bed, on which Achiko is lying! They lease it, paying 50 Gel per month, and that is great problem for the family.

Thus, our foundation launches charity action in order to rescue Achiko Bairamov! We refer to all the kind people not to stay indifferent, to pay attention to misery of others, as those people need your help badly! Even insignificant from your point of view means will let Achiko buy necessary medications, which alleviate his tortures and speed up his recovery!

Nobody is secured from such a misfortune and no one knowns what might happen tomorrow!

You may transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Achiko Bairamov) or pay directly at the website of the Foundation: https://fsp.ge/ge/donate/125/

Dear friends, our Foundation together with your assistance and support has helped to many miserable people changing their lives for good! Therefore, we believe we all can help Archil to recover!

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